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Evening guys,

I own a 64 plate Mini Cooper SD,

I'm looking for your thoughts on V Power diesel? I've noticed it's around 8p per litre more, is it worth it? If it provides better performance & more MPG then it would be worth it, but it appears there is a bit of an ongoing debate about whether or not it is actually worth it.


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Some people feel it is worth it, some feel that it makes a difference to their fuel economy. Others feel differently.

I use V power. My reasons are thus : I do about 15,000 miles a year, all in my own car (2013 BMW 325d touring). About 45 mpg, so that's about 1500 litres of fuel. If V power costs me 8ppl more, then that's a grand total of £120 a year, assuming I get no additional fuel economy.

If V Power makes a fractional, marginal difference to injectors, wear and tear on the engine, then it's worth it to me. Remember, I own my car outright. For the same reasons, I get my oil/filter changed every 9-10k miles, instead of the 'recommended' 18k.

The additional service and the more expensive fuel cost me £250-300 a year, out of running costs of £3000 or so (tyres, insurance, fuel, servicing, etc). In addition, I've got depreciation to allow for.

When all those sums are taken into account, the additional cost for V Power is minimal, really lost in the general 'noise' of running a car.

Those are my reasons. Others will justify using it (or not) in their own manner.

MINI Cooper S - V - Power fuel - StGeorgeII
RobJP thank you for that.

I agree, although I go through periods of picking up the V power hose and then other times not, depending on what I've heard or read at that time.

Some people strongly believe V power is just a con, however, legally it can't just be regular diesel labeled otherwise. So if it benefits the car in anyway at all It is worth it, I guess.

My caring of the vehicle to the higest degree is limited though as we contract lease through the business, so what I'm trying to say if it can benefit me interns of savings & performace then I will do it, however, if it will only benefit the mechanics of the motor for someone who has it in 18 months after me then I'm not that interested.

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If you are leasing and need more power or more economy then buy the appropriate car.

The benefits of using such fuels only apply to high performance cars, and over high mileages.

Numerous tests have shown little or no benefit with these fuels.

I once had an Audi that was designed to be run on 98 octane petrol, but also ran on lesser fuels but with a small power loss.

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Numerous tests have shown little or no benefit with these fuels.

Have you got any links to any of these - I've had a look before but not really found any proper comparissons,

MINI Cooper S - V - Power fuel - xtrailman

I havent saved them but auto express in the past, which mag.

Found this one.


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Short answer: try it and see how you feel the car responds to the premium fuel.

Long answer: In my previous car, a 2011 V60 D3 (163bhp), I actually did a test of 10 consecutive tankfuls of Shell V-Power (i.e. about 6000 miles over 6 months using no other fuel than V-Power), and compared with the 10 previous tankfuls of Shell's ordinary Fuelsave (this was easy for me to do, as Shell is my nearest filling station and the same price as the local supermarkets).

I got a brim-to-brim average of 46.29mpg on V-Power compared with 45.12 on Fuelsave. This was measured at the pump, not on the computer.

Or, to express it in percentages, I got a 2.6% improvement in economy for spending the extra 5.7% cost of V-Power (V-Power was 8p per litre more expensive at that time). I reckon that the 10 tanks / 6000 miles on each fuel was sufficient to reduce the influence of variables like ambient temperatures, type of journey etc.

There was no detectable difference in performance at all. I concluded that while V-Power made a small difference to economy, it wasn't worth paying the extra for, compared with the ordinary, cheaper Fuelsave.

At current prices, premium diesel is 13p more (or nearly 10%) more expensive than the ordinary stuff, so you pays your money and you makes your choice.

However, the TV programme Fifth Gear tested ordinary diesel versus BP Ultimate and Shell V-Power on a dyno, using a Citroen C5 2.2HDi as the test car. Between each run on the different fuels, the tank was drained, lines flushed and then the car dyno'd on the new fuel. Both of the premium diesels gave an extra 6bhp compared with the ordinary stuff.

So the effects may well vary from engine to engine, and car to car.

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For what its worth, i've seen several reports form people who think the V power smells a bit like Millers Diesel Power Sport additive, so maybe the V sport fuel shares some of Millers addidtives.

I have seen pictures from a university lab, (linked them before and had them on my old PC, now dead) of injectors after running with Millers, after even one or two tankfuls the previously seriously gummed up injectors were far cleaner, but i don't now know where to find the link ,so take this with a pinch of salt.

I don't know, and i'm not in the least insterested in trying to convince anyone else as to whether they should buy better fuel or use additives in standard fuel. when i ran Diesels i always bought standard fuel and used Millers, i thought my engines ran better for it and were always trouble free, but then others smoke 60 fags a day and live to 100, who knows.

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If I ever get premium fuel I wait until tank is nearly empty. I then get 10- 15 litres. This way the additive aren't diluted so can do whatever they can in 100 miles or so. I only spend an extra 50p rather than £5/6 for a full tank.

MINI Cooper S - V - Power fuel - gordonbennet

Found a link to it, make of this what you will.

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On my Saab 9-3 Aero 2.0T (petrol turbo with a Maptun tune to 260hp/360Nm), I can measure a 14hp improvement at the wheels using VPower compared to standard Tesco.

Apart from 1 tank a month to take advantage of Tesco fuel save (with Momentum 99 - 20p a litre can't be ignored) I run her on VPower exclusively.

Like a correspondent above I own my car outright. I have done 45k in it and expect to keep it for another 10 years at least. Using an endoscope I can see the engine is cleaner inside than when I bought it. I intend to keep it that way because I want it to last and wish to maintain the performance.

On top of this, VP, M99 & Ultimate are the only fuels that enable the boost to remain at 16+psi on warm days. As intake temps rise past 45C any other fuels let the boost go as they start to knock. Of the three fuels VPower is the best in this respect allowing repeated overtakes in 6th without flinching. (I'm still running the standard intercooler).


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