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When I bought my new Kia Sportage in June 2014 it came with alloy wheels and TPMS valves fitted. With the advent of winter, I took those wheels off and fitted steel wheels with winter tyres but these dont have the TPMS valves fitted. I now have a permanent warning light telling me I have a tyre pressure problem as the system cannot locate the TPMS valves. I have seen advertised sets of 4 TPMS valves with a display unit. Will these valves work if fitted to my winter tyres and will they then be recognised by the Sportage's on-board monitoring system? I check tyre pressures the old-fashioned way every week so know there is no problem with pressure. Come the spring time, I will refit the alloy wheels and have been assured by Kia dealer that the warning light will go out again.

KIA Sportage - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - elekie&a/c doctor

I very much doubt that an aftermarket tpms will work with the Kia factory system.I would just keep checking them the old fashioned way .

KIA Sportage - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - skidpan

Be very carefull. Fitting tyres without TPMS will be considered to be a modification by your insurers. Should you have an accident tyres are one thing they check and even if the lack of TPMS is not to blame and was not a legal requirement on a new car until November this year it will still give them a possible get out of jail free card unless notified.

KIA Sportage - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - Borderer

Thanks for that good advice skidpan. My insurance company strongly suggested that I should put the original wheels back on to reinstate the TPMS. I have done this BUT the warning light is still on. Any tips on that one or is it a main dealer job? Now I just have to get sensors onto the steel wheels so i can refit them for the winter. Many thanks

KIA Sportage - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - skidpan

From what I have read recently the valve based TPMS are spilt into 2 types, those that are self learning and those that need the dealer to plug his laptop in and programme. Based on an answer to a forum question Nissan fit the self learning type so I can only guess that Kia fit the dealer programme type. You need to contact your dealer and take it in if this is the case.

This is why my next car will have the ABS based TPMS system like my last 3 cars have had. No extra parts, button or similar to reset and you can fit winter wheels with no additional expensive valves.

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My previous car-exactly the same model as my current one(not a KIA)-had a TPMS operating off the checked tyre rotating speeds on on all tyres and if one was notably different for a significant time would flag up a low pressure warning.My current one has valves that send a signal to the module-when the tyres are set(to whatever pressure you want)you press a button in the car and it records them-if they change significantly,it flags up a warning on the dash.Soon to be a legal requirement.

KIA Sportage - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - skidpan

Soon to be a legal requirement

TPMS became a legal requirement on all newly registered cars from 01 November this year.

Can be an ABS or valve based system.

Give me the ABS based system any day. Nothing to go wrong. No expensive valves to replace, cheapest I have seen re £60 each, no idea if they are OEM compatible. Even a total muppet can replace standard valves with no special tools.

That is why our next car will be another Leon or an Octavia.

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If they are like other TPMS systems, the wheels have to be matched to the control module so it knows which wheel gives a signal . So unless you have repalced all the wheels in the same order, the local dealer will have to reset the system... I have no idea of the cost but £50-£100 sounds reasonable.

Of course, one of the sensors may have been damaged in storage...

Impossible to diagnose at a computer.


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