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Hi there I was wondering if I could get some advice from you, I have a saxo which is on an 03 plate and is 1,1L, This morning when I drove to work I noticed the car was abit sluggish when accleratring and the car wouldnt build up much speed, the engine management light also came on, My friend at work has a diagnostic testing kit and when he plugged it in it came up with an error message saying cylindar 4 misfiring, I was wondering what that means and if it is easy to fix? any help would be great

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Citroen Saxo - Engine misfiring - Gibbo_Wirral

Coil pack and spark plugs would be first things to check.

If his code reader gave a fault code, just put "Citroen Pxxxx" into Google and it will give you plenty of answers.

Citroen Saxo - Engine misfiring - Railroad.
A faulty fuel injector would be another possible cause. Failures are fairly common on these engines. Identify which cylinder is misfiring and then swap the injector from that cylinder to one of the others. If the misfire moves with the injector then you know it's at fault. If the misfire stays on the same cylinder then an injector is not the problem.

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