What's this by the rear-view mirror? - Rebecca
OK, not a life or death question, but maybe someone has an idea?...

In my aforementioned new car at the top of the windscreen, by the rear-view mirror, there is a mirror-shaped (but bigger) clear 'sticker'. Does this serve any purpose?

I was in a Merc yesterday and noticed that the graduated tint was designed so that the same shape as my 'sticker' was marked out in black dots on the windscreen too.

At the lights this morning there was a Ka either side of me, one had a similar design as described above, the other was completely clear.

What's it all about then?
Re: What's this by the rear-view mirror? - Stuart B
Hi Rebecca,
Just an utter guess, could it be something to reduce dazzle in the space left between the sun visors?

Or could it be to reduce the effect of your death ray stare when you get cut up by a Saab driver? ;-)

Have a nice day.
Re: What's this by the rear-view mirror? - John Slaughter

Stuart is right that the black speckle pattern behind mirrors is to cover the area missed by the sun visors, but I'm bemused that your car has a clear sticker there. Is it completely clear or has it a diffraction grating pattern on it so it deflects the glare in a similar way to headlight deflectors? Overkill solution I know, but it is a BMW! (Yes, I know it's an outside chance, but it's the engineer in me coming out) Alternatively is it a totally useless sticker that should have ben removed at PDI?

My BMW is lacking this device so should I feel cheated?

Unless the backroom has the answer, may I suggest this could be a test of your dealership's product knowledge!


Re: What's this by the rear-view mirror? - Rebecca
It's completely clear - but does look like it's there on purpose and it's very firmly stuck down. The windscreen has a graduated tint green stripe that runs straight across - it's also heat reflective, if that counts for anything (apart from another £80 to BMW)

The last 24 hours have seen me quite obsessively checking out other cars to see if they have it too! Can't see one in July's Automotive Engineering magazine either.

The dealer is due to call soon, so I'll definitely put him on the spot.

Maybe Ford have published a service bulletin about this? (joke!)
Re: Ford TSB - Dave N
If you speak to your dealer, and quote TSB 76/2002 entitled 'Eagle eyed woman drivers noticing something on the front screen' as they have a fix, I believe it involves sending a man out in the vehicle to see if he can see anything. Of course he can't, as we're not used to seeing marks on windows, or on anything else come to that. That's how grease appears on carpets, dirty laundry, and used cutlery all appear without us noticing. In fact we do notice, but have this in-built ability to ignore things.
Re: Ford TSB - simon
Is it to do with "assembly by robots" so that whatever mechanism is used to fit & seal the window to the car, then it will be done with minimal errors?
Re: What's this by the rear-view mirror? - John Regin
The Clio has a clear rectanglar area at the bottom centre of the screen. Was told it is for some kind of motorway toll payment card (in France) which cannot be scanned reliably through tinted glass.

Re: What's this by the rear-view mirror? - David Woollard
Just had a look at my own car, spooky it's also got a funny thing in the same position....but a sort of coloured double chevron.

Ah wait a minute that'll be my Citroen Car Club sticker!


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