Van purchase advice - MB
Odd question for you. I've got to get a transit size van load of stuff from Bristol to near Toulouse (SW France)and rather than renting one and having to drive it back and fly out (we're moving there) I'm thinking of buying a very cheap van and scraping it when I get there.
I was thinking a old Renault Traffic or similar - it will need one month MOT and Tax and as long as it has one last journey in it I'll buy it.

Is this madness or good sense?
Any vans better than others?
Petrol or Diesel?
Auction or private?

Any advice gratefully received

Van purchase advice - frostbite
If I were making your journey I would look for an early Mk3 diesel Transit.
Van purchase advice - greaser pv
If it's of any interest or use, I run a '87 Hi-ace D. 200,000 miles with mot and tax. V. reliable but V. shabby as regards to the bodywork. Only problem is I'm awaiting my next van to arrive, so I can continue my business. I would want £500 for it.

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