Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - andycap
Looking around all cars seem to have their problems, but is it the high volume cars that a bad reputation and is it deserved ?
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Toad, of Toad Hall.
I've driven three. (an long term ex was a pharacutical sales girl)

All were fantastic vehicles.

With the estate it was a bit difficult to see out of the rear window apart from that cracking cars.
These are my own opinions, and not necessarily those of all Toads.
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Dan J
Gonna disagree with you here Toad! No doubt they're fine as very short term loan cars but to live with...

I won't go into detail as you can search for my previous postings but I am on my second Vectra. The first (2.2LS 01MY) was returned to the dealerships approximately 15 times for squeaks, rattles (not "minor" squeaks and rattles, I'm talking SQUEAKS and RATTLES) one of which turned out to be a structural torsion bar having dropped off behind the dash. Air con failed twice, first time with accompanying explosion. Wheel bearing problems and noises. My local Vauxhall dealer also proved themselves incapable of fixing any of the above problems properly. After several complaints to Vauxhall, the car was replaced. This also has dreadfully squeaky seats which I have given up on, favouring the "stereo volume control" solution. It has been back twice for gearbox/clutch problems and I have also had a "tow back to the dealer" complete engine failure due to ignition coil burnout.

Two Friday afternoon cars? Was I just unlucky?

One of my drinking buddies has the 2.6V6 SRi. This has been back, would you believe, 19 times to the garage to date. The car is even newer than mine by several months and only had 4k miles when purchased. He's had aircon failure, coolant leaks, oil leaks, engine rebuilt twice due to the latter two issues, still not fully resolved. Squeaking seats once again. On 3rd stereo as first two CD500's burnt out.

From memory, there have been many other posts on here of those unhappy with their Vectras. Of course there are those as well who have had no trouble at all and like their cars very much - but I think even they would have to admit these are not the best built cars on the road and there is a significant majority which are problematic.

I hit the magical 50% finance mark 12 months from now and I can't even see the car staying with me that long... I don't think I'm hard to please in a motoring sense as all I need is a reliable hack to get me about the place for work. I have neither the time, money nor patience to be visiting the dealer once every few weeks with yet another problem! It's looking like it's gonna have to be a Mazda next :)

Dan J
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Toad, of Toad Hall.
Gonna disagree with you here Toad!

You hound, you!!!
No doubt they're fine
as very short term loan cars but to live with...

Hey this was 4 years! My joint longest relationship!!!
Two Friday afternoon cars? Was I just unlucky?

The ex's suffered none of these problems.
These are my own opinions, and not necessarily those of all Toads.
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Clear Spot
One of THE BIG problems with any Vauxhall is the dealer network, the vast majority of whom seem to be dire, judging from my own experience and many posts in this forum. A good dealer nearby is a major factor in choosing a new, or nearly new car these daya as warranties tie you into main dealers for quite a while.
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Chris M
Had my Vectra 4 years now and it's done 115,000. Got it when it was 2 years old and had done 65,000. Seriously thinking of replacing it this year and will probably be another Vectra. I know they're not the most dynamic cars on the road, not the most reliable overall, cr*p image, even more cr*p dealers etc. etc. But it gets me from A to B in reasonable comfort, 100% reliable, cheap to buy, cheap to insure, cheap to run. For me that equals satisfied customer.
If I do replace it, it will likely be another 2-3 year old, 60k miles example. That way you don't need to go near a Vauxhall dealer.

Chris M
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Dan J
You hound, you!!!

I know, I know!
Hey this was 4 years! My joint longest relationship!!!

Wow! I can only boast 2 years - and we're not talking cars here... In fact in comparison I suffered many more problems there than I did with the Vectra in the last few months. And would the Vauxhall dealer take her in p/x? No...
The ex's suffered none of these problems.

Maybe she was one of the lucky ones! You could buy a Roller and still have a problem, likewise you could buy a clapped out old Lada and run the thing for ten years without a single breakdown. I had a very bad experience I think but I think you need to look at the figures overall and I don't think these cars are too well built. Taxis are a good 'un - Look at a 250k mile Toyota Camry and then see what a Vectra looks like with that kind of mileage! You can usually spot them teetering on top of several old Sierras and a Montego at your local cheap parts depot :)
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - superannuated rocker
No I don't think so. I currently have a 96P 2.0sri which has now covered 167k miles. It always starts first time and is reasonably quiet and economical. In the three years I have owned it It has required crankshaft and camshaft sensors and routine items like disc pads, tyres and recently I had fitted a precautionary timing belt and waterpump. I am intrigued by what people mean when they complain about 'build quality'. My Vectra appears very well put together, the paint finish is excellent, the doors still fit well and the seats still look and feel good and the engine is oiltight.
As mentioned above the only failures, which did not constitute breakdowns, have been on specific components which are made in a country normally associated with good quality engineering.
As for japanese reliability I have a colleague who bought a new Mitsubishi which ended up off the road for several months with gearbox problems.
One other point just about every taxi here in High Wycombe is a Vectra. OK that may have more to do with cheapness but they can't be that unreliable; also when Vauxhalls do go wrong the parts are reasonably priced. I agree Vaux dealers aren't that wonderful but consider the story below
I have a colleague who used to have a 96N diesel Renault Safrane. One day his bonnet release cable broke, so off he went to his local Renault dealer. Now sir, says the dealer we can do this but we will have to break your headlamp to open the bonnet. Result a four hundred pound bill.
A few months later problems with the auto gearbox developed and after a journey of some 30 motorway miles the box would change down on its own. New box at some 1600 pounds plus says Mr Renault dealer. Further discussion with the dealer revealed that the problem was probably a pressure sensor but the dealer would not countenance replacement of the sensor alone. At this point my colleague went to an independant auto box specialist who resolved the problem for 200 notes.
Next the A/C compressor failed so bang went another 1100 notes and then only 10 days after replacing this the engine expired with timing gear failure. New engine quoted at 2,100 pounds and a car worth some 2,300pounds resulted in my colleague walking away from the vehicle! The sad thing was it was only just over 5 years old, had only covered 70k and looked absolutely immaculate!
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - L'escargot
Two Friday afternoon cars? Was I just unlucky?

There's no such thing as a Friday afternoon car. All cars are finally assembled from components, assemblies and sub-assemblies which have previously been made on no particular day of the week. And very few of them will have been made by the "car manufacturer".

L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Dynamic Dave
IMHO, no.
My Vectra 2.2 CDi auto is 27 months old (2000,x) Has covered 31,000 miles, of which 16,000 of those miles done by me in the last 17 months. Previously was a Vauxhall Fleet car. Never missed a beat. Only time it's ever gone into the garage since I've owned it was for it's annual service last Sept. The only complaint I have is that the cd player is fussy about the type of CD recordable discs it plays - or not as the case may be. I'm gonna probably regret saying this now, but out of the 6 different Vauxhalls I've owned in the last 17 years, this has been the most reliable one I've ever had - the others never had serious problems though either.
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Steve G
The real issue is there are so many good cars out there why lumber yourself with the dullest ?
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Cardew
I cannot comment on reliability. However I regularly drive, or am driven, in two X reg Vectras and I am unimpressed with them. IMHO they are well behind the opposition(including the Mondeo)in overall refinement.

Mind you a second hand one makes sense as a Taxi.
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - steveb
Hi Guys,

You can read my earlier posts regarding squeaking seats and the application of WD40 - which seems to have worked initially - time will tell how long this lasts however...!

The question is a valid one however - I've had two Vectras over the last 4 years, after moving "up" from a Cav 1.8. The first V was a 1.8LS - '98S, bought 2nd hand with c£20k on the clock at 18 mths old. Had the car for 3 years - 2 1/2 of which were 'happy' motoring. Apart from being terminally dull nothing really went wrong. Then the idle control went - a topic much discussed in this forum - was able to self diagnose the symptoms from the net, and ended up forking out £180 from the dealer. A snotty letter to the Chairman of Vaux at their HQ worked wonders however and got £100 back. Six months later, despite the supposed fix, it was clear that the valve was on its way out again. Rather alarmingly the engine management light came on on the M'way and it lost power for a few seconds, and then had the usual stalling at roundabouts etc..... It was also facing a substantial major service with brakes and disks and timing belt in addition.

Accordingly I traded in for a newer '01Y 2.2LS Est from Fords of Winsford. I wasn't going to trust the 1.8 16V anymore so went for the newer, more powerful engine. This feels strong and smooth, although 5th gear feels a little short given 150 BHP & torque. So far, 9 months into ownership, the sqeaking seats - which is REALLY annoying - is the only main problem. Reading the threads it is essential however to do interim oil changes with synthetic to protect the timing chain. There also seems to be a potential problem with the ignition coil overheating - I'm just waiting for mine to conk .........

In conclusion, the reason I bought both cars was becaue they were relatively cheap, offered loads of space, looked inoffensive, and are (relatively) cheap to service. The dealers though IMHO are not to be trusted, and the only reason for using them is to keep up the warranty. After this period use a trusted independent. If you do want to buy a 2nd hand Vectra, check the service history, and go for a long test drive and listen for squeaks, rattles and rolls, and an even idle.

Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Dynamic Dave
The real issue is there are so many good cars out
there why lumber yourself with the dullest ?

Steve G, what car do you own/drive?
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Steve G
Steve G, what car do you own/drive?

Alfa Romeo 156

Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - wemyss
Having a Vectra and perhaps fortunately having no faults sets me wondering as to why if it were true that Vauxhall comes in for so many criticisms.
GM are one of if not the largest motor manufacturer in the world and as such must have enormous resources in both R&D and employ some of the top design engineers in the world.
They will be able source components at the most economical price due to their size and insist on high standards of quality control from their suppliers.
And of course by sheer volume they can compete with anyone hence heavy discounting.
Their assembly lines must be as good as anyone else so why wouldn?t their cars be as good as any on the market.
Is it because they sell so many that they must statistically have more owners who have problems.
Or perhaps they generally have harder lives than others with reps and hire car companies loving them.
VW in contrast haven?t gone down this route and by clever advertising suggest total reliability and image for their owners keeping the residual values up.
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - No Do$h
>> Steve G, what car do you own/drive?
Alfa Romeo 156

Ah, taste! Another Alfisti in the room.

Anyway, if you want a low-ish cost, dependable and reliable car but are prepared to live with dull (and the Vectra can't really be described as anything else) then buy an Avensis (and a bucket for your passenger) or a used Accord.
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Dynamic Dave
>> Steve G, what car do you own/drive?
Alfa Romeo 156

I'll stick with the Vectra, thanks. GM knows that the number plate fixes in the middle of the bumper, not at the side ;o)
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - andycap
It just goes to show what goes around, who would have thought that Alfa would be flavour of the month after the eightees?? maybe one day one of the oldest and most well known brands will do the same !!
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Mike H
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Dan J
Article in the FT yesterday saying that GM had decided that they are not designing their components to last the working life of their vehicles and they need to address this asap.

They would like to adopt a more Japanese attitude of "initial vehicle quality" i.e. getting it right first time and have subsequently appointed a former senior Toyota engineer.

We'll see... It is good that they have realised this, alebit perhaps too long after they should have done. Personally I think a bigger problem for them, certainly in the UK, is their appalling dealer attitude. GM is still a very favourable dealership to own and I think the company need to have damned stricter policies and checking.
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Steve G
Steve G, what car do you own/drive?
Alfa Romeo 156

I'll stick with the Vectra, thanks. GM knows that the number plate fixes in the middle of the bumper, not at the side ;o)

Fair enough Dave ;-) .... eye of the beholder and all that ...

I would not say the Vectra is a bad car its just fallen behind the times compared to the competition.
I had a Cavalier 2.0 SRi for a few years and I found the Cavalier a better drive than the equivalent Vectra.
Would like to drive the new Vectra too see how it compares to the latest Mondeo/156/Laguna ...
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - DavidHM
I tend to agree with Steve on that point. A Vectra isn't actually dreadful, but while the Cav was an absolutely brilliant car in '89, the Vectra was essentially more of the same. (That and the fact that it doesn't have at least the subjective build quality of some of its rivals).

I wonder if people will slate the next Focus, due at the end of this year, for the same reason.
Vectras - are they that bad ? - Pugugly {P}
Got talking to a chap in custody today (!) He has a V reg Vectra
2.0. He bought it ex demo with 2.5k, it now has a monumental 123k
on it - mostly on business of Criminal Justice nature. The car is immaculate, it has been serviced in accordance with the Vauxhall book plus extra oil changes. Nothing, I repeat nothing over and above service items (tyres of course) have been replaced. Makes you wonder whether these are as bad as people make out.
Vectras - are they that bad ? - SjB {P}
Although I am a very happy punter with our new V70 2.4T, I really do miss our previous Vectra GSi Estate. Went like the wind, nothing squeaked or rattled, nothing fell off, looked fabulous with it's standard fit bodykit and huge wheels, loads of clever details, and totally reliable. Come to think of it, the same went for the Vectra SRi V6 Estate that preceeded it, too. Between the pair of them, six years of pleasurable tenureship, despite all the horror stories that I read. I even found a toptastic Vx garage for servicing, too.

May be only people with problems are vocal, most of the time?

Vectras - are they that bad ? - Dynamic Dave
Makes you wonder whether these are as bad as people make out.

I blame Clarkson. Personally I don't like the Merc AMG he owns, but I wouldn't go on TV and tell the world about it!!
Vectras - are they that bad ? - Alf
I hated my vectra, under-engineered, uncomfortable, poor ride bits forever falling off, engine management problems. Rubbish dealership garages.

The vectra is the reason why vauxhall closed its production here, cos nobody would buy it. From my and many others' experience you are lucky.


Vectras - are they that bad ? - Aprilia
The latest German ADAC used car buyers guide rates the Vectra as OK, reliability wise. Not as good as most of the Japanese, but on the better side of average.

The reason that the Luton plant was closed and Vectra production moved to Russelsheim (Germany) is because it cost too much to make cars here. Overvalued pound and poor UK infrastructure were the nail in the coffin. Same applied to Dagenham, of course. Russelsheim is expanding rapidly because they use more modern technology and have a better skilled/educated workforce. I think GM Germany productivity is about 35% higher than UK; sadly that persuaded the management to close Luton.
Vectras - are they that bad ? - Homme van Blanc
> I think GM Germany productivity is about 35% higher than UK;

Tell that to Nissan guys in Sunderland!

Luton had been deprived of investment for years; It's no wonder they couldn't compete.
Vectras - are they that bad ? - Aprilia
I wouldn't disagree with that at all, and Sunderland is indeed a shinig example. Britain *can* compete with the rest of Europe when we have the investment. Unfortunately the whole country is starved of investment (in fact only last week the World Bank released a report saying that Britain is being held back by a poor public infrastructure and weak skills and education). Overall, UK productivity is quoted as about 40% below the US, 35% below Germany and 30% below France.

Vectras - are they that bad ? - Homme van Blanc
"in fact only last week the World Bank released a report saying that Britain is being held back by a poor public infrastructure and weak skills and education"

What Britain is being held back by, and has been for the past 50 odd years, is poor government! Politicians contribute very little but have tremendous influence on the way things are done. Money that should be used by companies for investment purposes is taken by HMG as taxes, usually to be squandered providing unnecessary 'services'. Out of a UK working population of 28 million, 7.2 million are 'employed' and therefore paid by HMG. That's more than 1 in 4 of us, a large proportion of which are bureaucracy. Even the NHS has more bureaucrats than either beds or nurses. Surely that cannot be right!
Vectras - are they that bad ? - Baskerville
We actually have a relatively low company taxation regime. Plus HMG has been very willing over the last few years to offer companies like Nissan large cash incentives not to decamp to the Eurozone. So British taxpayers are bankrolling Nissan shareholders, including the French government. Weird world, isn't it?

Vectras - are they that bad ? - eMBe {P}
The old Vectra, like the Astra, Cavalier, and Omega, was and is a good workhorse. IMO the critics on the bandwagon are mainly those who would want a shire-horse to look & perform like a race thoroughbred. Horse for courses. Borrowing a phrase from Ronseal about the Vectra - "It does exactly what it says on the tin". The new Vectra could also prove to meet this criteria.
Vectras - are they that bad ? - ndbw
I too think Vectra's are much maligned I am very happy wiyh my 2-0 litre and find that if you put your tyre pressures up to the full load recommended pressures you will find the handlingimproves,re the comment on the vague steering I think this is due to a straight ahead spot built in,an asset when encountering side winds on a motorway

Vectras - are they that bad ? - Deryck Tintagel
I have owned my Vectra for about 10 months and a Cavalier for nearly 10 years (!) before that. The Cavalier never let me down and when I wanted another car the Vectra was the obvious choice.

I bought the top-end CDX with all the toys 10 months ago and have had only two very minor problems. The first was that the servicing dealer hadn't refitted a part correctly causing a pipe to rub on the alternator belt; and the second was a fault on the alarm. Both faults were corrected very quickly by a dealer other than the supplying one.

Dealers can be a bit hit and miss but recently both have sent letters for both thanking me for buying the car and to check that I was happy with the service I received.

I did once have a dealer try rip me off for £300 worth of un-necessary work.
Vectras - are they that bad ? - blank
IMO, it depends how you define "that bad". There are worse cars, but lots of better ones.
Vectras - are they that bad ? - Flat in Fifth
For once find myself generally agreeing with MB as in general the last Vectra and indeed a previous Cavalier seemed solidly built and capable of reasonable longevity. More solid than three Pugs and current Mondeo I would say.

The handling while never particularly inspiring was safe. Always amazes me that folks who fling them into a corner on the edge of adhesion then complain because they get mamba understeer as soon as foot planted to the floor. Driven properly in a balanced fashion grip levels are quite OK.

Nevertheless the Vectra in question, and indeed the Cavalier, out of the road cars I have regularly driven rank as the two which had the highest number of faults requiring rectification. Indeed the Cavalier commited the ultimate sin of failing to get me to destination on no less than three occasions. Two of these requiring a tow in.

Vauxhall can do it right, a Belmont 1.8i (yes I know!) performed faultlessly which persuaded me to go with the Cav. SWMBO’s Nova now departed never gave any real aggro either.

In summary, comme ci comme ca.
Vectras - are they that bad ? - eMBe {P}
FiF - >> find myself generally agreeing with MB >>
I don't know where I am going wrong, but in the last 2 or3 days, so amny of my detractors are agreing with me that I need to go back for a refresher course on how to be mean and nasty and blunt and truthful. Only joking !
Vectras - are they that bad ? - Flat in Fifth
Now now MB not detractors just different opinions at times.

You know its bad when you open the dictionary to look up the word

paranoia only to find the definition as

So why do YOU want to know!
Vectras - are they that bad ? - eMBe {P}
>> You know its bad when you open the dictionary to look
up the word >>

FiF - as you probably know by now, I do not generally take part in idle chit-chat and banter, only the serious motoring stuff for me. But, I'll make an exception : Are you saying you need to look up words in dictionary to understand me?

>>So why do YOU want to know!>>
Not sure what you mean by this?
Vectras - are they that bad ? - Flat in Fifth

advice; [set humour switch = ON]

but seeing as its you I'll take the bait dangling there.

Q1 no not even trying
Q2 Joke

Do you *really* need an explanation! I think not!
Vectras - are they that bad ? - superannuated rocker
My '96 SRI has over 170k under its belt and has in the last two years had several engine management problems. (Cam and crankshaft sensor problems). also the mysterious loss of idle which usually lasts for a day or two every three months or so and then clears itself. It has, however, never let me down and is still extremely lively. It never gave any trouble at all under 140k miles when it was the company car of one of my pals. I feel a lot of rubbish is talked about Vectra handling. Mine has the larger tyres that go with the SRI (205/60X15) and I find grip levels to be quite high and the car points reasonably well. What the Vectra does have is steering totally lacking in feel but after a day or two you get used to it and don't notice until you drive something more responsive.
It is certainly very much better in handling terms than the two Cavalier 2.0 I had previously. They had appalling understeer under power and yet nobody ever criticised the Cav at the time? I appreciate the world has moved on but I suspect Mr Clarkson had a lot to do with the Vectra's image problem.
Talking of image I was most amused when the Top Gear team considered some months ago that JC was possibly queer. When you evaluate his attitude to cars it certainly is of the superficial 'image'and feminine consideration.
In point of fact I don't believe Clarkson knows a great deal about cars other than from the driving experience point of view.
I once picked up his 100 best cars book in the library and it fell open at the Triumph page. Guess what? the Dolomite Sprint had a twin cam engine (mine certainly didn't) and the TR250 (the detuned American version of the TR5) had a four cylinder motor. I don't think so. Ah well I wish I was a few shillings behid him and I would not be concerned with elderly Vectras
Vectras - are they that bad ? - THe Growler
This may have limited value FWIW but my taxi-man who has picked me or my daughter up at LHR for years now has always done so in Vectras. I mentioned to him 10 days ago the comments I had seen or heard about about them. He said don't listen to 'em, he swears by the Vectra for reliability, their ability to cover very high mileages with manageable service costs, the space and comfort for passengers and general value for money. He summed up his analysis as quote an effing good mo-er unquote.
Vectras - are they that bad ? - Aprilia
Vectra has several well-known reliability problems:
cam sensor
crank sensor
idle valve fiasco (and they charge you £180 for a new one!)
EGR valve

None of these are particularly serious if you know how to fix them - which apparently a lot of GM dealers don't.

Speaking of Clarkson and motoring journalists, I remember an interesting experience I had about 15 years ago. I was working in the industry and Autocar sent a journalist to interview me for an article about vehicle electronics and, specifically, engine management systems.

The journalist turned up just before noon and I took him straight out to lunch. Chatting casually over the meal it became apparent that he knew very little about automotive technology, nor indeed did he seem to have much enthusiasm for the subject. I asked him about his background and it turned out to be 'public school' followed by a degree in music, then straight into journalism. He was a perfectly nice guy and I have since read a number of articles that he's written, but ever since then I've treated everything written by motoring journalists with great suspicion.
Vectras - are they that bad ? - superannuated rocker
Can you please tell me what the symptoms of EGR failure are. My Vectra (2.0l petrol) has developed a driveability problem at small throttle openings. I have changed the throttle pot without success but something is definitely causing it to hesitate and then 'surge'. It idles perfectly well and goes extremely well when driven at higher speeds. Also during the winter the problem did not seem to develop until I had covered a few miles and the engine had warmed up somewhat, now the weather is a bit warmer this is not so apparent and the problem starts in the first mile or so after driving off. I have wondered about the possibility of EGR problems as the Haynes manual is not at all explicit about the symptoms.
Many Thanks
Superannuated Rocker.
Vectras - are they that bad ? - Aprilia
EGR valve opens at part-load with a hot engine to allow exhaust gases into the inlet mixture. The exhaust gas acts as an 'inert dilutant' and reduces the combustion temperature, hence reducing formation of oxides of nitrogen.
More than about 10-15% EGR causes misfire and EGR is reduced at high load, large throttle opening, to ensure maximum power.

Symptom of EGR valve sticking is generally a lumpy idle (EGR should be zero at idle) and reduced power at higher loads.

Your problem does not sound obvioulsy like an EGR failure since you report a smooth idle, but it wouldn't hurt to clean the EGR valve.
Vectras - are they that bad ? - OldOiler
Had a 96 SRi with similar EGR problems was told it was because they had made the unit smaller and it would clog up with debries, how true this is I do not know.

Re J Clarkson not every one can affort to waste 40 - 60k on a car , unless it can be written off for tax.
The avarage punter needs a good cheap to run reliable car for A to B running.
And ALL manufactures build lemons at one time or another, if you took HJ car reviews to heart you would not buy any car.

What would be useful would be HJ total car type sales per month vis compliants/known faults as a percentage.
Any comments?
Vectras - are they that bad ? - Dynamic Dave
Is this the start of things to come?
I\'ve just had my first problem with the Vectra in the 21 months that I\'ve owned it. It\'s now 31 months old, done 33,000 miles, and shock horror one of the tail light bulbs blew at the weekend. What will go wrong next?
(tongue firmly in cheek; I hope)
Vectras - are they that bad ? - RichardP
I own a 'W' reg Vectra DI saloon since it was 6 months old. I bought the car in Feb 2001 with 7K miles on the clock and it's now on 46,000 miles. Whilst I've had the car it has been excellent. It's had one new set of front tyres (originals lasted 33K miles), a couple of tail light bulbs (The outer tail lights seem to fail early on these?!), a new MAF sensor (Paid for by Vauxhall when the car was 2 years old) and a new battery. Apart from that I'm still very pleased with it. It has not yet let me down once (touch wood!) and I find it very comfortable and quite nice to drive. It's had a tuning box fitted since 18K miles with no problems and it goes like a rocket. The car does still consume a bit of oil and the bonnet has quite a few stone chips on it (I do mainly motorway driving). I find the seats very comfortable and the brakes are very responsive and the headlights are very good. My car is the metallic red (satin red) and has alloys and I think it looks quite smart.
I might look at a new shape Vectra 2.2 diesel next year!

Heres to Vectras! Cheers!

Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - howy686
Clearly, the late model Cavaliers were used as a test bed for the 'new' 16v engine on the Vectra.
Of course Vauxhall (and their dealers) appeared to learn nothing from this - same old problems - engine light, camshaft sensor, blocking breather pipes/gummed-up idle valve, weak cambelt pulleys.
But they are making a fortune on over-priced components which should last the life of the car, but don't.
You've guessed it - one very dischuffed Cavalier 16V owner who will never buy another Vauxhall, however good they appear to be.

Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Robert J.
We had a Vectra for a couple of years and were pleased with it. We got ours from motorpoint and at the time we compared it closely with a mondeo that was sitting next to it in the yard. On the whole we felt the vectra had a more pleasant interior, better seats and a feeling that it was solidly built and a boot the size of a cheap hotel room. We had a few faults- all the usual ones such as sensors- but we bought a sure-guard warranty from vauxhall. V repaired everything without quibble and the warranty more than paid for itself.
Got talking to a friend of a friend who works at a vauxhall dealer. He told me they had several cases of vectras in which one of the sensors failed. They fix that then a few weeks later the other one goes (same symptoms). He then explained that they could never convince the owners that it was not the original fault that had not been repaired properly and when they ended up paying several hundreds of pounds out in the space of a few weeks things got very heated !
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - I am a fool
I used to be a salesman at a vauxhall main dealer. They are actually ok. Not many returned or problem vehicles. I'd have one and i sold em so that must be saying something!!

And i'd have a 2.5 GSI thanks!
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - derek
ive got one no problems quick enough cheap easy to insure
the only bugbear is vaccuming the thing out after the kids have been in it
why dont they come up with some sort of invention like child locks on the ouside so the cannot get in it in the 1st place
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - Dynamic Dave
But Derek, your statement applies to all cars, not just Vectras.
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - JAJ
I dont understand what all the criticism levelled at Vectras is about. I hire a car every week from Monday to Friday and have been through the whole of Avis's and Hertz's fleet and of the medium sized cars have enjoyed driving only 3.

The Passat - 130hp diesel - very frugal, comfortable, cavernous and quiet for motorway driving. Very nippy for a car of its size. Downsides are rather boring handling but then most of my driving is on motorways so this isn't that essential. Think the 2.0 petrol is underpowered.

Alfa 156. Great fun. In Spain we have a 2.5TD which is fantastic to drive and very fast. Downside is the motorway noise plus the two that I have rented were falling apart with less than 10,000km on the clock. The speed:handling makes up for this however I would never dream of owning one. Also, the dash is a silly design and the seats are not very comfortable.

Vectra 2.2TD. Very nice, quiet and smooth ride. Plenty of performance but maybe not that economical (or maybe too much 160kmh+ driving - just to keep up with locals around Madrid). The interior is nice, modern with clean straight lines and none of the Focus 'edge' curviness. Equipment is great, even allowing me to insert my mobile SIM into the dash to use the built-in phone.

I find the Mondeo to be exceptionally dull. I have driven 1.8, 2.0 and the TDCi but I'm not sure of the hp. None felt lively and all were relatively noisy.

Personal views only but if I were in the market for this type of car, I would choose the one which suited the day to day routine driving - for most people this does not include racetrack handling sessions so why not select a car which cruises more comfortably !

Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - DieselBoy
I'm sat at the office window looking at an old shape 2.5 V6 in silver.

Nice looking car, with the body kit and alloys - however I have driven one, and appearances aren't everything.

Then again, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"!
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - al-yeti
Yes and No

Anything pre 1998 not worth buying you never know what problems you will get allot of mods were done to the Vectra\'s mid 1998.

Apart from that can be expensive to repair the V6.
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - DavidHM
Mid 98? I'd say that the big mods came on stream from March 99 (T plate facelift on).

Personally, I'd go Mondeo/406 every time, because they have much more character, I feel safer around Fords (my mum has driven a Ford since I've been conscious) and they are generally more interesting. On the other hand, I'm not one of those anti-Vectra jihadists.

For me, a Vectra is a tool like a washing machine - perfectly competent but I could never shake the feeling that I could get something much more fun for the same money.
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - howy686
When I see an old-shape Vectra togged-up in big alloys and low-profiles I just chuckle - why did he bother - the wheels are worth more than the car - or soon will be - still, if it keeps the owner happy.
No, I don't own a BMW or Merc - just a lowly 9 yer-old Cavalier..
Vaux Vectra Are they really that bad ? - RS2000
Just my 2 bobs worth, but i bought a vectra 3 years ago with 106000 on the clock. It had a FSH, & price was quite good. Being a taxi driver i do cover quite a few miles. I am now on 215000 miles. The car has \"never\" let me down & still starts first time, without having to crank n crank the engine. Turn the key & within couple turns it\'s up n running.

Yup definately a nice car.

Ahh, the dealers? Well i wont give ya 2 bob for them. I am experiencing at the moment a lack of power top end & will not rev over 4k. Took it to main dealer & after them having it \"ALL DAY\" not only can they not fix it? They dont even know what\'s wrong with it.

Just this week, i\'ve had a lower hose and top hose go on it. One was £6.70 other was £8.90. \"NEITHER\" of these parts were in stock from 4 main dealers. £6.70 one took 2 days for them to get & the other was 1 day. Disgusting!!! A main dealer not stocking parts of this nature!!!

Sorry, but i never gonna buy vauxhall again. Just because of the \"HOPELESS\" dealers. Not because of the car...


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