Valuation - davo
What is my car worth in a) private sale, to sell quickish
b) part ex against a discounted car?

Honda Accord 2.0 LS 99T 96,000 dark blue, cream interior, original condition, full Honda service history, tax & mot till June. 6 stack CD, elec w/ows & roof, air con.
Valuation - Jonathan {p}
Saloon or Hatch?
Valuation - davo
Saloon, standard wheels, tyres have about 6mm on them.
Valuation - Dave_TD
Leather or not? OTTOMH, without leather, with decent colour paint, for a private sale advertise at £4995, trade would offer you £3800, but I stand to be corrected.
Parkers says for A1 condition £4505, average condition £4380 and trade value of £3790.
Valuation - davo
Thanks Dave, no leather, but all round good nick for miles, runs a dream. Colour? Dark blue not the greatest I understand:-))

Suppose about £4-£4,500 is not too bad in p/ex.

OTTOMH? what does this mean?
Valuation - Mark (RLBS)
Off The Top Of My Head
Valuation - DavidHM
To be honest, at that mileage those prices seem a little strong to me - though I'm no expert. Accords are tough and well built and, if the colour and make suit your local taxi market you might get lucky, but £4995 is more like retail, which means I'd be asking £4500 and accepting less to get shot of the thing, and would probably jump about £3750 part-ex. Just get several part-ex quotes against lots of deals to make sure you're doing the right thing.

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