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I have a 2011 titanium 1.6tdci. One day in the summer, I was washing my car had the music on for 15 minutes, nothing else running, and when I went in the car to move it, I had a message come up on the screen, amber light with a picture of a battery. Next to it read "low battery indicator see manual". For the past three months, I have had no messages, but the auto start stop has failed to work on the car. Today, I sat in the car with the radio on for 20 minutes, radio turned off, turned it back on only to turn off within 3 minutes, put the ignition on, same message appeared with the battery picture again. Should I get this message?? None of my other cars have I had this problem, even with the radio on for hours sometimes. I do also understand that the battery only charges when needed or should it charge the battery all the time?? Checked the indicator on the battery itself and the indicator is green. Anyone have any ideas or should I get the car checked out?? I have also looked in the manual, but nothing in there to help me.

Thank you.

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If it's like my Civic this just means there is not enough power for the auto stop start. There is probably enough for other functions to continue. You need to use the car really regularly to keep enough power for stop start. On my Civic I only use the car once or twice a week in winter and Stop start rarely works. Dealer checked it and it's working in spec, I just don't use the car enough!
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And what does the manual have to say about this warning message?

It could be that because of the auto stop/start system being fitted, the ECU likes the battery to be in very good health. and issues a warning if the battery's static voltage drops by even a small amount.

It could possibly indicate that your battery is starting to go downhill (get sulphated or whatever). What with winter coming along, it might simply be worth investing in a brand new battery. (They're funny things once they start to go - can seem fine one evening, then be totally useless the next morning if the weather happened to be a bit colder that one night.)

ford focus - amber battery warning - IanEdmunds

Dear handcart and catsdad.

Thank you for your posting. I do a lot of miles in my car. (6000 in the last three months!!) The manual has revealed nothing which helps, but I know where you're coming from with winter! I just can't understand why the battery needs changing already. Normally, I thought batteries with a new car normally last for 5 years, and as it's only 3 years old, I thought I wouldn't get anything like that yet!! I will get it checked out, and will repost when I find out what's wrong, as it's always good to know.

Thank you once again.

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If the battery has come to the end of its life,then sit back and take a large breath.\the battery for a Focus with stop/start is around £150 .

ford focus - amber battery warning - IanEdmunds

Dear elekie&a/c doctor.

Thanks for the warning........ I think i read that 4 times.. lol.

I'm going to contact Ford tomorrow to see how long the batteries last for.

Thank you for posting.

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Ford will reply that it depends on the user.

Infrequent use is bad for car batteries.

ford focus - amber battery warning - IanEdmunds

Hello madf

Thank you for the message. Spoke to my mechanic instead today. Never spoke to ford as I want to get the battery checked first. Got to contact him again Monday morning and he will tell me whether he can look at the end of the business day so fingers crossed!!!

Will let everyone know how I get on once it's done.

Thank you all for your advice.

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