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I am thinking of putting either Winter or All-Season tyres onto my Countryman All4. Ideally want to keep the tyres on all year. From other answers you seem to think that Vredestein / Conti winters are OK for all year use and not that different to those sold as specific all-season tyres. There are only specific all-season tyres available in correct size (225/45r18) which are a Pirelli (run flat) or Kleber Quadraxer (non run flat).

What would your advice be, and should I stick to run flats or would non-RF be OK ? (which would greatly improve ride, handling AND possible reduce the unbearable noise !)

Countryman All4 - Winter or All-Season Tyres - skidpan

Have used Kleber Quadraxer before and found them to be superb. They are a genuine 4 seaons tyres with the mountain and snowflake symbol meaning they are certified for use in countries where winter tyres are mandatory. Actually in the process of putting a set on our recently acquired car, cost no more than mid range summer tyres and are just as quiet and long lasting.

I ran non run-flats on my BMW 118D and it was fine. The insurance company were happy provided that all 4 tyres matched i.e. all run flats or all non run flats. I found the ride to be better but that could have also been the simple fact the runflats were 17" and and the non run flats 16". As for the handling it did feel a little less solid than it was on run flats when you presed on but was still fine.


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