Alfa Romeo 157 picture - Steve G
This website will probably interest Italian car fans.
The first link takes you to a computer generated picture of the 157.The second link takes you to the main website.
Alfa Romeo 157 picture - No Do$h
Hmmm. Not sure about that one. Looks like a bit of a backward step, almost some vectra influence around the front. I suppose with more emphasis on frontal impact and pedestrian safety we are going to see these common changes in styling, but I can't say I will be rushing to replace my 156 on the grounds of looks.

Mind you, I understand that the Sportwagon doesn't appear until 2005, by which time it may have grown on me. And I might have more money for the rumoured 4x4 version. Now if they can come up with something to compare with the A4 2.5TD Quattro Avant, then they get my money again!
Alfa Romeo 157 picture - joe
I think it looks gorgeous!
Alfa Romeo 157 picture - Steve G
The 156 is a hard act to follow...
Remember the first time i saw the 156 my initial reaction was the offset number plate looks wrong. Strange thing is I dont even notice it now ?
This 157 picture is only a computer generated 'idea' of the potential styling but it looks OK to me.
The actual 'real' new 166 looks much better....
Alfa Romeo 157 picture - MikeC
almost some vectra influence around the front.

Is it me or does the front scream Renault 16 with that beaky nose??!
Alfa Romeo 157 picture - Alfafan {P}
MikeC, think it must be you. I once had a Renault 16 (one of the nicest cars I've ever had) and I can't see the resemblance at all.

As earlier said, the 156 is a hard act to follow; certainly on my shortlist when they drop to what my budget allows. (SWMBO wants the central heating and bathroom done first).
Alfa Romeo 157 picture - No Do$h
Alfafan, you need to get your priorities sorted! The 156 has a very efficient heating system and SWMBO can get washed at the same time as you lovingly soap down your Alfa with Suds.... (groan).

I'm still a bit dubious about the looks. The nose looks too square and a little high in comparison with the current svelte lovliness.

Mind you, still better looking than the current Audi, but not by much.
Alfa Romeo 157 picture - Don't shoot me I work for alfa
I've seen a lot of Alfas in my few 18 yrs.......this is nice, reminding me a little of the Saab 9-3 Aero Sport Saloon, sorry fellas! Nice front end, as ever!
Alfa Romeo 157 picture - Altea Ego
NIce - Alfa have done a good job as always. Vectra? derrrrrr dont think so.
Have to say tho its no 156, which looked drop dead gorgeous when it arrived, still looks drop dead gorgeous now, and will look drop dead gorgeous in 30 years. They even made the sport wagon DDG.............
Alfa Romeo 157 picture - J Bonington Jagworth
Have to agree with you there, RF. I wish car makers would leave things alone when they've got them right - the best cars are nearly always those that have been in production for a long time and have had all the bugs ironed out!
Alfa Romeo 157 picture - DavidHM
I hate to say this but this probably bears no resemblance to the eventual 157.

Instead this looks like someone Photoshopping the 156's details onto the propotions of a Vectra and claiming an exclusive. D- sorry.
Alfa Romeo 157 picture - PR {P}
Be careful people! The picture in the first link is a computer generated "guess" at what the new 157 will look like. If you click on the 2nd link, there are pictures of the restyled 156 which is due out later this year and is in effect the same car as the 156 with a different front and rear!

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