Xsara Temperature - sheppy
Anyone know what temperature a Xsara 2.0 HDi 110 hatchback should run at?
Mine runs at 75C; I'd have thought it should be higher, but the garage tell me that this engine 'is designed to run cool'. they also say that the overall fuel consumption of 43mpg is 'about right'.
the car is 13 months old, covered 13k miles. Maybe things will change after it's had it's first service next weekend.......?
Xsara Temperature - GeoPlay
I have owned a Xsara 2.0HDi (90 BHP engine)for approx 3 years. The temperature gauge runs at approx 80C-85C but the gauge markings are not very clear as there is a large unmarked gap between the 60C and 90C marks. I have averaged 51 mpg over 28000 miles.I thought that the 110 engine is supposed to be more fuel efficient
Xsara Temperature - Ben79
Of course consumption depends on who and how they drive it.

citroenpicasso.org.uk/ has a section on fuel consumption, it seems Picasso owners get around 50mpg from the 90hp engine.

I drove the 110hp engine in a C5 and averaged 44mpg per the computer and that involved some country roads and town work. (14 miles in total)

Hope it helps

Xsara Temperature - IanT
I think normal engine operating temperature should be close to the thermostat opening temperature - maybe someone will correct me, but my 306 diesel's thermostat is rated 83C and that's about what the temperature gauge reads.

Petrol engines (speaking very generally) usually have thermostats rated in the high 80s Celsius, and older diesel engines in the low 80s Celsius.

Trouble is, I don't know the thermostat ratings of any modern diesel engines, so this is only a guide to where you can look next.

Of course, your gauge could always be faulty!

Xsara Temperature - Ben79
The HDI is quite a cold engine, but remember there are differemces between engines, thermostats, dashboards, temperature senders, driving style, depends what gear you are in, how much coasting etc

Is there much difference between winter and summer?

Ask the dealer to check the thermostat, but he may just say the same as above.

Xsara Temperature - PhilW
According to the "Revue Technique" for the Xantia 110 HDi the "temperature de debut d'ouverture" of thermostat is 83degrees. Presume it is the same for yours. Fuel consumption sounds a bit high. My wife gets about 45mpg day to day (on a very short trip to work - car doesn't even warm up - and occasional trips to shops) On a long run it is over 50 mpg. I would have thought the Xsara would be better?


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