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Hi there,

I've got a '07 Focus and it's often loosing power. Sometimes it's fine and runs perfectly (usually when it's cold). But quite often I get no power when I accelerate (usually around 2-2.5 revs). Occasionally, if I back off the throttle then it picks up, but mostly if it misses, it feels like it's flooding. If I keep the revs down, it runs perfectly. It's otherwise running smoothly, no unusual noises or leaks; no warning lights.

I'm not a mechanic (of any sort!), but this all sounds like a problem with the turbo. The fact it's not all the time makes me think it's not the turbo itself. And, obviously, I'd prefer not to pay to have the turbo replaced if it's something minor.

So, my questions (I'm trying to be specific!) are:
Can I do anything to diagnose it myself? By all means point me to another thread, I suspect this topic's been done to death.
Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in either Reading (where I work) or Oxford that they'd take it to?
Is there any risk of doing some serious damage driving it like this?


Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi - Focus 1.8 TDCI - Intermitant Turbo Failure - dieselnut

As you say, it probably isn't a fault with the turbo itself.

The turbo is controlled by the ECU, which receives information from various engine sensors.

It will probably one of these sensors or other ancilliary controlled by the ECU that is at fault.

You will need to get a code reader to see what faults are present, clear them off & see what returns after the problem recures, then go from there.


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