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KANGOO DIESEL SL19dCi 70 Van - Kangoo Cambelt - hssdi
For the past few weeks on tick over and up to around 1500rpm the engine sounded very lumpy. Started fine and above 1500rpm absolutely no loss of power or smoke. I drove it in this condition to a local garage for an MOT and for the engine issue to be looked into. An hour after dropping it off I had a call to say my van wouldn't start when they tried to drive it into the repair bay and on taking off the cam belt cover found the timing belt to be very slack. They said at this point there could be major engine damage but wouldn't know for sure until a new timing belt kit had been fitted. On fitting the new belt I was told that the bolt holding the tensioner to the engine had been 'bodged' previously which led to the tension being released from the belt. They had managed to drill out the 'dodgy' bolt and replaced with correct fitting along with new tensioner, belt and water pump.

On initial firing of the engine there was a constant puffing of white smoke through the whole of the rev range. This increased to major loss of power, tons of white smoke and various warning lights illuminating by the time I had driven it the half a mile home. Since this time I haven't attempted to start it again.

The garage that did this 'repair' did offer to repair the head etc but I thought it better to take it to an engine specialist as obviously I'm a little miffed that the van drove OK when I dropped it off but absolutely trashed when I collected it. Don't get me wrong, the tensioner bolt may have given up just as they started the engine but they don't look like a garage that specialises in such repairs.

The van is generally in great condition for a 2004 reg with 49K miles on the clock, regularly serviced and probably worth £1800 prior to the engine failure. I've been quoted the following:

£150 - Cost to investigate and if the engine is completely shot bolt back together and I collect.
£745 - Cost for full repair if only 'normal' damage (cylinder head, valves, seals, etc) has occurred.
£? - Cost on top of £745 if the injectors are also found to be damaged.
£50 - Transport cost accross London (20miles)
No VAT charged.

Any opinions on whether it's worth repairing, does the quote sound reasonable or should I just scrap? Many thanks for reading to the end!

KANGOO DIESEL SL19dCi 70 Van - Kangoo Cambelt - elekie&a/c doctor

The mot smoke test requires the engine to be revved up a few times with no load. I wonder if this has finished off an engine that was already in trouble.Not worth repairing unless a good s/h engine can be found.,and then you would need to replace the new cambelt and water pump from the old engine.

KANGOO DIESEL SL19dCi 70 Van - Kangoo Cambelt - brighteyes
Wouldn't bother trying to repair this engine as it sounds like it's completely shot. Other than scrapping it I think your only option is a replacement engine. Depending how much you wish to pay governs what you get. Either a warranted unit from an engine overall specialist who will probably want to fit it, or one from a scrap yard which you'll have to fit and take the chance it's sound. You pays your money and takes your choice.
KANGOO DIESEL SL19dCi 70 Van - Kangoo Cambelt - hssdi
Many thanks for the replies. Guess I'm hoping against hope that the damage isn't that catastrophic and I'll be back on the road for under £1000. Maybe worth £150 punt even if it does just tell me how much damage was done. A new belt, tensioner & water pump was fitted by the garage. I just find it quite unbelievable I'd driven it for a few weeks with the slight issue at tickover & when the garage tries to start it it all goes pear shape. Any opinions if this is likely or the garage are covering something up? Approx cost of supply & fit new engine?

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