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Ford Focus estate '58 - Ford Focus radio connectivity - mrjudderman

So, I've got a Ford Focus estate, and the radio itself (6000CD) is working fine. However it is failing to connect with anything it seems. It has an auxillery input in the centre armrest, but no sound transmits. There's a usb port which I can plug my ipod into, and when i do the ipod tells me I am connected fo Ford Audio, but I can do nothing with it on the console. Finally, if I try and connect my phone via bluetooth it finds the Ford Audio, but when I select no code comes up on the screen. Typing 0000 or 1234 doesn't bring the correct code out either.

Any ideas?

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Ford Focus estate '58 - Ford Focus radio connectivity - elekie&a/c doctor

I would try a battery disconnect for 5 mins to see if that re-boots the system.Make sure you have radio code beforehand.

Ford Focus estate '58 - Ford Focus radio connectivity - mrjudderman

Thanks for the tip. I've tried it but unfortunately nothing changed. I've also noticed the voice control is not working. When I press the voice button "voice" comes up on the radio display, but there is no beep to signal it is ready, and nothing happens when I issue a command.

I know the voice and bluetooth is run out of the same box, which may perhaps be faulty, but that doesn't explain the aux issue


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