Age or mileage? - Nsar
Which offers the best value? All are CLK 230 Autos
99 T plate - 56,000 miles £17k
98 R plate- -21,500 mile £17k
00 V plate - 54,000 £17.5k
98 S plate - 32,000 £17.5k
All are one owner or demo plus one owner all FMSH.
Age or mileage? - volvod5_dude
00 V plate.
Age or mileage? - Nsar
Sorry, should have added, it's my intention to keep the car for 3 years, doing c. 15,000 miles per year.
Age or mileage? - Nsar
What do you think it might be worth when I get rid, assuming I keep up reg but not Merc servicing?
Thanks for your replies thus far
Age or mileage? - DavidHM
£10k, at a guess. Hard to be sure but I don't think CLKs on that shape will still be making all the money in three years' time. It's still less than you'd lose on most new cars at that money though.


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