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Airbag warning light NOT MOT failure? - CMark {P}
As far as I am aware, having the SRS airbag warning light showing is NOT an MOT failure.

[A] I am pretty sure the SRS light was showing last time my car [1] passed its MOT and,

[B] I cannot find anything about SRS airbag lights on

Please correct me if I am wrong.

The SRS warning light is, of course, not to be confused with the ABS warning light, which IS an MOT failure if showing.

[1] 1994 G-wagon. Every year or so the light comes on and, despite twice having been in to main MB dealers for expensive diagnosis, they cannot find what is causing the problem nor replicate the error. Just a £35 reset - a total pain really and I wish I could extinguish the light myself. It is obviously an extremely intermittant problem and at this stage not worth replacing parts without being able to pinpoint the faulty component.

Airbag warning light NOT MOT failure? - Pugugly {P}
See my Cavalier 1.8 post. I tend to agree, SRS isn't compulsory
so is MoTable perhaps HJ could cast a light (so to to speak)
Airbag warning light NOT MOT failure? - M.M
As per my post on the Cavalier thread...

Airbags don't come into the MOT test yet. Even a vehicle where the seat belt pre-tensioners have already been activated (shown by their indicator) will pass.

Seems a bit odd compared with the requirement for ABS to work when two otherwise identical cars with different trim specs (ie. LX vs SX) will have one with ABS and one without.

Some testers confuse a SRS lamp with the ABS light and have attempted to fail cars incorrectly.

There are some very odd issues within the test if you actually read the manual.

Airbag warning light NOT MOT failure? - Cyd
Sorry folks, this was my fault. CMark is correct that airbags do not form part of the MoT. I made the comment in the following thread that they were, this was wrong:

However, manufacturers have recently lobbied for it to be made an MoT requirement that airbags be changed at 10 years. IMO a cynical move to further devalue old cars, forcing people to buy new ones. However, no evidence was found on technical grounds so the lobbying magically stopped. See this thread for a little discussion about aged bags:

I think I got the two issues confused and so thought the SRS light was part of the MoT like the ABS light is (seems inconsistant, doesn't it?). Apologies for the confusion.
Airbag warning light NOT MOT failure? - Rosanbo
you don't have to go to the dealer to get it reset, you can get it done for about 15 - 20 pounds at an auto electrical specialist.

Or you can just disconnect the bulb.
Airbag warning light NOT MOT failure? - UncleR
Personally I wouldn't want to just get it switched off, I'd want the problem fixed. My used BMW is going back under warranty next week for the very same fault which I beleive is the seat belt tensioners. If I'm in a big smash then I want to be sure they'll work!
Airbag warning light NOT MOT failure? - Billy Whizz
You're right UncleR. Having the light on means that the airbag system is de-activated. Taking the bulb out doesn't change this fact.

Resetting the light means that the SRS is waiting to save your face in the event of a big full frontal crash.


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