Passat light switch - Alastair
Back in 2000 complaints about light switch on M reg Passat and no joy from VW.I've been through four switches on an N Reg (also one pass side window switch failure)
Interested to hear of any others apart from original complaint. Have inkling there is a design fault in wiring sparked off by headlight dip switch which appears to send 80amps ( severe overload) into light switch unit which eventually blows. Interestingly you will find it hard to find second hand switch from breakers. Should this tell us something ?

Passat light switch - JohnM{P}
Colleague had a 94M Passat whose headlights failed early on. AA/RAC and VW garage fixed/replaced switch and/or wiring - car was later subject of recall by VW for this problem (see Car-by-Car breakdown). I bought his car from our leasing company at 100k, sold it in 2001 at 122k, no problems with switch after initial trouble.

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