"Wobbly" speedo needle - Ant
Hello everyone

I got a 1998 "R" Puma 1.7VCT last summer for 'er indoors to pose in. Everything's fine, except I've noticed that the speedo needle seems to "wobble" (best way to describe it!). It's not a new problem, it's been doing it since we've had the car, and doesn't seem to cause any problems. It seems worse between 30-50mph and doesn't vibrate so much at higher speeds. The odometer rolls round no problem, and tacho doesn't do it either. Has anyone got any ideas about solving the issue? I know it's not much, but it does irk me every time I drive the car.

Thanks in advance,


wobbles - owen
wobbly needles are often caused when the cable is about to break - if the cable is routed through bends that are too severe, it causes strands of the cable to snap. These then catch on the inside of the plastic casing, causing the wobble.

Seems a new car to be having this problem though? Had it on my 18 year old Golf, but not on any car since. It may be worth checking the speedo cable routing, to make sure it is as smooth as possible.
Wobbly speedo needle - terryb
Don't know the cause but I had this once with a brand new Citroen BX. I was worried the cable was suspect but the dealer said it was within reasonable limits and nothing to worry about.

Had the car 4 years and no problems - so he was proved right and I did get used to living with it.

If I recall correctly it was a VDO speedo. Is yours the same? If so, it may be a "feature".

Wobbly speedo needle - Gazza
Puma and Fiesta got electronic speedo. Check the Vehicle Speed Sensor at the gearbox end is spinning freely.
Wobbly speedo needle - Ant
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. She's due for an MOT in March (my local Ford dealer wrote to us today, actually), where we'll have a standard service and the cam belt and idlers changed. She's nearly 5 years old with 58,000 miles, so I reckon better safe than sorry (even though Ford's recommended interval is 10 years or 100,000 - does anyone else think that's a hell of a lot?)

But I'll get the speedo cable swapped too if it'll only cost beer money.

Gazza - how do I check the speedo sensor? Do I have to do much "taking to bits"? Just asking because I'm not *that* confident under the bonnet...


Wobbly speedo needle - Dynamic Dave
If the speedo is electronic as Gazza suggests, it won't be cable driven - well not in the "spinny round and round" type of cable anyway. It'll be cable as in electrical stuff.
Wobbly Speedo Needle - Chas{P}

Cost of a new cable Part Number 1043027 is £15.55 inc VAT. Worth having that changed first.

Our '97 Puma does exactly the same intermittently. I will be interested if a new cable cures the problem.


Wobbly Speedo Needle - Mondaywoe
My Xantia had a wobbly speedo needle when new. The dealer fitted some sort of washer at the back of the speedo head and that fixed it.I think he said the BX had the same problem.It wasn't the actual cable though, as I recall. Certainly, a kinked / worn cable is the usual culprit.Maybe worth checking to see if connections to speedo head and gearbox are tight (unlikely to be slack, but you never know.



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