Peugeot 307 HDI 2.0L 2002 - Engine won't start - _Sid

Hi All - The high pressure fuel pump seized when the car was being road tested by a local garage. They had the engine hooked up to diagnostic equipment at the time & I was told that it went into something called limp halt mode. They left the car on my drive as any garage repair was going to be expensive.

I've been repairing the engine in my spare time. The timing belt was chewed up and a rocker had snapped. I took the head off to check that the valve was still straight, which it was, and fitted a new head gasket and timing belt, along with a second hand fuel pump.

The engine won't start.

I've primed the fuel system and cranked the engine with the unions slack at the fuel injectors and there is fuel at each injector although there is some air in the fuel supply line to the pump which I can't get rid of. The air collects at a bend in the pipe with fuel either side (fuel pump side and filter housing side).

The engine seems like it wants to start - it is producing exhaust gasses and occassionally the engine begins to fire but then ceases.

Does anyone have any ideas please?


Peugeot 307 HDI 2.0L 2002 - Engine won't start - Gibbo_Wirral

A few owners on have changed their own belts and had similar problems, it usually quite a simple fix. Have a search on their forum.


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