fuel additive - kev the rev
does anyone have any recommendations for a fuel additive to clean gum / lacquer from inside carburettors.

this being the residue left from unleaded fuel after winterisation.

aware of redex, stp & wynnes but have been informed there are better products available.
fuel additive - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi Kev,

I would recommend Forté Fuel System Cleaner - this is targeted at fuel injection systems, but does just as good a job on carbs. You will not, however, find it on the high street, as it is only supplied to garages and specialists like myself. If you are in West Sussex I may be able to help, otherwise call Forté on
024 7647 4069 to establish your nearest stockist.

Regards, Adam
fuel additive - mal
My local independent also has the "Forte" range and fully believes in its claims,and,if i'm correct there is a treatment for diesels which he strongly recommends.
fuel additive - Cyd
alternatively clean out the inside of the carb with spray carb cleaner (from any motor factors) and an old toothbrush.
fuel additive - harry m
try w.w.w.redlineoil.com the web site gives you the european agent.although mainly for injection i have used on my xr3.they used to do mail order if not i am sure they can advise where it can be purchased.

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