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Trackers - Piers
My comment tagged onto the end of a MINI thread got over looked so..

Has anyone got some first hand experience of the performance of the different Tracker type systems and the companies back up. My dad has one fitted but, touch wood, hasn't needed to use it. It's just an expensive box that he can't even see as it's hidden.....

I've heard of the police finding stolen cars, getting in touch with the owner only for it to be nicked again before they can get there (which, given that they probably haven't got a car to use, might take a while). Does this happen with the tracker type devices if you don't go for the service where they install a security guard with snarling dog the moment the coppers get in touch? Do insurance premiums tumble as the adverts promise?

Re: Trackers - Darcy Kitchin
Looks like most backroomers are practitioners of "bangernomics" and have no need of anything to protect their motors
Re: Trackers - Piers
Yeah, by the sound of some of the cars they'd be glad to get rid of them for good....

Re: Trackers - Ian Cook
A mate once used to leave his Montego parked all day without locking it. Nobody ever bothered to nick it. I guess even thieves have standards.
Re: Trackers - Darcy Kitchin
I loved my company Montego 1.6L. Went well and did 40mpg (uncorrected). Seat gave me backache and the first time I used the brakes in anger the vibration opened the clasp of my watch, popped the mirror into my lap and cracked the windscreen, to say nothing of the state of my underpants. Warped bake discs ...
D993 UBL where are you now? Probably crushed and recycled into a Rover 75
Re: Montego - Mark (Brazil)
and don't even start me on these things.....

Every morning, stagger out to the car (I hate morning), try to get in the car and start it wihtout the world noticing I've joined...


Of course, they never were.
Rover 75 - David Lacey
Darcy wrote >D993 UBL where are you now? Probably crushed and recycled into a Rover 75

You wouldn't be saying that if you had actually driven a Rover 75, Darcy!
Re: Rover 75 - Jonathan
Montego steel was far to high grade

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