MAF sensors - Keith S
Reading on another website, it seems that a dirty MAF (mass air flow) sensor can cause all manners of probs. As my Mondeo pinks a little I had a look at mine. It is quite dirty, so I'm gonna clean it with some carb cleaner and see if it makes a difference.

Anyone else heard of this problem?
MAF sensors - Cyd
I clean out the throttle body on my Rover turbo every time I change the oil - it makes a big difference if you allow it to get too dirty, so I imagine you would get the same effect with a MAF (my car doesn't have one of these). I use carb cleaner and an old toothbrush.
MAF sensors - wemyss
Keith, Still being in the stone age regarding these electronic gubbins where exactly is the MAF located. Would guess it's in the air filter area but have never seen it.
And just what does it do....
MAF sensors - Keith S
Its a sensor just after the air filter box connected to the cars wiring using a plug with 6 wires.

Inside of the unit are 2 wires, one which heats up to about 200°c and one that is cold. When the engine is turned off the hot one briefly heats to 300°c (apparently) to burn off any dirt.

The wires heat loss is converted into an air mass by the ecu, it then uses this info to help decide the fuel to put into the engine.

Thec "cold" wire was very dirty on mine as I don't think it ever heats up and self cleans.

I cleaned it tonight, but I haven't driven the car yet.

I am slightly concerned that the carb cleaner will leave an oily residue which will either burn or attract even more dirt than before.

I'll let you know tomorrow
MAF sensors - RichardP
Be VERY careful when cleaning the MAF sensor, they are extremely fragile. I damaged the maf on my Vectra DI by using a cotton bud and isopropyl alcohol. I was very careful and there was no apparant physical damage visible. upon insertion, I had the engine management light illuminated on the dash, vastly reduced power and my wallet lightened by 150 pounds! If you must clean it, buy some proper electrical cleaner/degreaser in an aerosol which can be bought from places like Maplins, which doesn't leave residue. I would not touch the wires and film on the sensor with anything.
MAF sensors - Keith S
Thanks for that, I'll have a look in Maplins.

However I have already used the carb cleaner, just by spraying it removed all of the dirt.

The car seems a little better but the pinking is still there. Perhaps the ecu needs to adjust over the next few miles?
MAF sensors - David Lacey
I take it your car is a Petrol model? Never had any problems with petrol MAFS.

Diesel MAFS tend to get dirty probably due to the huge amount of air going into the engine....

Road Salt appears to be a contributory factor too.

DO NOT USE any form of un-approved solvents......I believe SAAB approve one.

Distilled water!

Diesel MAF Sensors are now available on an exchange basis from your local Bosch Service Centre
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