Omega 1995 MV6 - Omega MV6
Hi Everyone,

I own an Omega 1995 MV6 in the 3 ltr engine. The two problems I am having at the moment are:-

1) No reading on the rev counter

2) No reading on the fuel guage

Both always stay at 0 even though my temp guage works along with my speedo.

Any help or advise would be appreciated.


Omega 1995 MV6 - manwithtool
Well if you put some petrol in it, it might go !

Sorry couldn't help having a laugh.
Hope someone else on the site can help you.
Omega 1995 MV6 - phil-johno

You could try reseating the clocks as they are not joined by any cables,the clocks just rest against contacts so maybe some of those are not touching. check this link for the step-by-step for removing and refitting the clocks

could be something simple like this you never know

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