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dash instrument failure - ravi
I have a BMW 520SEi 1994 Auto that has recently started to suffer rom intermitent dash instruments failure with all or some failing at any time and starting to work with no pattern.
I have checked all cvonnections to all instruments and changed all fuses with o luck
Anyone can help?
Earth, Wind and Fire - Guy Lacey
I'm no auto-electrician and struggle even to wire in a stereo but have you checked the earth connection?
Re: Earth, Wind and Fire - Stuart B
So *you're* the guy in the Yellow Pages ad!
Re: Earth, Wind and Fire - Jonathan

That chap with big ears who meets that attractive woman who thinks he's been burgled - and he has to order cleaners?

Or that other lad who has a party and someone scratches the lounge table.

Oh - I get it, the man who said "it came with all the wrong connections"
Yellow pages ad. - David Woollard
It still cracks me when she walks back in the room and says "you'll never believe what they've done in your bathroom".

Re: dash instrument failure - Charles
I believe you can get exchange dash units from BMW dealers to cure this. It might be worth checking Euro Car Parts before ringing your dealer. There is a service light resetting tool suitable for all models for about £15 by the way.

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