Ford TDCI MPG - simonjc
For my new compnay car I'm considering either a Focus 115 TDCI or Mondeo 130 TDCI. Nothwithstanding the injector problems I note from several posts that the Mondeo does not appear to be very economical. What kind of MPG are people getting from these models? I also understand that for 2003 MY the Mondeo will be fitted with a six speed box - I assume this is aimed at improving economy.

Ford TDCI MPG - Pete F
I don't have experience of the economy of either of these cars but am not aware of it being bad on the Mondeo. It will get a 6 speed for 2003 MY and it will have a considerably longer top gear, so economy will improve under cruise conditions.
Ford TDCI MPG - kurnal
I drive a TDCI mondeo as a company car , I chose it for the fuel economy and 90% of the time I drive it in a way to maximise economy as I pay for my business fuel and can only claim 10p mile. I cover 20000 miles a year, mostly journeys of 12-20 miles in length, a few longer and shorter than this.

My first car- mondeo zetec tdci hatch- built Feb delivered May returned about 45- 46 mpg when running ok but gave me many problems and was off the road for 9 weeks in 6 months.Whilst it was off the road I drove a mondeo zetec tdci hatchback hire cars for 4 weeks-this vehicle was gorgeous to drive and never gave me less than 49mpg.

Ford gave me a replacement identical car in November because of all the problems I had with the first but this one only gives 37- 40 mpg at best. It remains a mystery to me! Taking it in to the dealer this week for evaluation.

Ford TDCI MPG - kurnal
Just another thought- the most economical car was also the best handling and had Goodyear tyres. The mid range car had Continentals and the current one- - heaviest on fuel and also the worst handling has bridgestones. Pirellis are supposed to be the best all round tyre for the mondeo- I would specify these!
Another odd point- the car that gave the best MPG was prone to leave light sooty dusty deposits on the rear valance near the exhaust! the others have kept clean.
I must bear in mind that the current car has only been used in the winter.
In the past on my cars have always achieved or exceeded the Official combined figure for fuel consumption, so I expected 46-47 from the mondeo.
Ford TDCI MPG - Flat in Fifth
130TDCi Mondeo Est on Goodyears, aircon never turned off. tend to use more revs than most diesel drivers, eg 3rd is good gear for 30's, 4th for 40's and semi twisty NSL's. So you get the picture not chugging around off boost?

trundling around locally 38 ish, can get lower if pushing it on back roads in lower gears but nothing surprising there.
longer runs without any effort at economy mid 40's
longer run making some effort (but not going crazy either) to reduce consumption 49-50

economy- nothing to shout about, worse than GM 2.0 Ecotec in Vectra,
noise:- clatter when cold but as soon as warms up v quiet inside and reasonable outside
performance: mid range shove super super super. revs very freely like a good 'un .

Ford TDCI MPG - simonjc
Thanks for the responses so far re a Mondeo. Has anyone out there got a Focus TDCI?

Ford TDCI MPG - Tony N
Yep. Its not too bad actually, always returns 40-46 mpg - even when driven hard i.e. flat out. Also pulls like a train through all gears and is generally pretty impressive. Shame poor build and silly problems (cutting out) lets the car down, but I guess thats just a ford thing.
Ford TDCI MPG - FergusTheDog
I have TDCi Focus, decent enough car. I get 40-46 on mainly m/way driving but 36/37 and falling on shorter journies. Since starting station run of 6 miles each way in last 2 months fuel consumption has increased dramatically as has oil consumption. At 5:30 am there is no traffic so the consumption during warm up must be awful. At 22k engine is dog rough, starting to sound like certain French or German diesels.

To be honest it's excellent by diesel standards but just too temperamental to be viable long term.

A shame as the Focus is a nice. The maths of a 2 litre petrol come out lower over 3 years and 60,000 miles.
Ford TDCI MPG - kiwidave
I am have been driving a 51 plate TDCI Mondeo estate 3000 miles a month since October.

I am very pleased with the car except for the mpg.

At proper but not stupid motorway speeds (70-80mph, no faster) I am getting 42mpg. 90-95% of my monthly mileage is on motorway.

I don't reckon I could get even 50mpg without dropping to an unsafe ''granny'' speed.

My 42mpg is consistent with the feedback Honest John says he has had.

Ford claim you can top 60mpg on the open road. Sure - would that be going at 54.6555mph for six days straight across the Nullabor Plain?

I expected a discrepancy on Ford's claim, but not that much.

Incidentally, my father-in-law is very cheesed off at getting no better than 29mpg from an X-reg petrol Focus hatchback.

Ho hum...

Ford TDCI MPG - Cambsfarmer
Are we talking about what the cars computer says or actual miles divided by liters used to refill? is the cars in dash figure correct?, my wifes Focus tdci does 46ish according to the car when she drives (mostly local trips) and 43 when I drive. I suspect a VW/Audi tdi would be nearer 50 (as my old Audi 80 estate 90bhp did this and was a heavier car). Cant beat the ford handling though.
Ford TDCI MPG - kiwidave
ACTUAL miles and my maths.....
Ford TDCI MPG - simonjc
Thanks guys - some interesting responses. I drive a Focu TDDI at the moment which in 55K miles as always delivered 48-50 mpg - mainly motorway driving - and my expectation was (given the official figures) to get similar figures from a Focus TDCI and slightly worse from a Mondeo.
Your answers suggest a lack of consistancy from car to car. Anyone know when the new PSA / Ford engines will start to appear - the press releases are rather vague.

Ford TDCI MPG - kurnal
I don't know who carries out the official tests on fuel consumption- is it independent and on a number of vehicles? As you say there is evidence of much inconsistency here. Also another common view on this and the other TDCi threads is one of dissapointment- that a major influence in choosing the car and podding out the extra £500 for the TDCi was the published test figures, which the odd one or two seem to achieve and the rest of us cannot get anywhere near even if we put a padlock on the throttle pedal.

I am starting to wonder if there is a trade descriptions act issue here.

Having experienced several TDCis I am certainly in a position to confirm the inconsistency in the results- of five cars one definately did meet my expectations, one was near to it and the others have fallen well short. My last tankfull lasted 420 miles from absolutely brim full- the last litre taking several minutes to fill- and I drove as carefully as I could. Never accelerating hard, never exceeding speed limits, mostly running at 1500- 2000 rpm. The journeys were mostly about 20 miles and one of 140 miles. This worked out at 38mpg. This car has now covered 4000 miles so may still be a little tight- but I think thats grasping at straws!.

Ford TDCI MPG - Pat L

That's awful mpg!! Driving as you describe (which I don't, though I'm no boy racer) I reckon I'd get 55-58mpg from my Audi A4 TDi 115, as I get 52mpg on a regular basis. 600-700 miles per tank.

I think you need to pursue your case with Ford. Good luck.

Ford TDCI MPG - Tony N
To be fair, most people with VAG diesels seem to get better MPG than I do from my Focus TDCI, although I've left various VW TDi's dead at the lights on more than one occation! Not that that matters of course...
Ford TDCI MPG - Tony N
That was a fairly bad attempt to spell occasion!
Ford TDCI MPG - Flat in Fifth

I've got to fill up tonight and next week will be what sounds like a similar set of journeys. I'll try the same technique and report back. Don't hold your breath for any outstanding economy figures though. :-(

Ford TDCI MPG - FergusTheDog
We have a couple of VAG PDis on the fleet (Golfs), some 130bhp and some 150bhp. They turn in 36-38mpg and whenever I have to drive one I a struck by how noisy and gutless they are.

As I have said elesewhere in the Forum the new A4 with the 1.9 TDi engine is a good car ruined.
Ford TDCI MPG - RogerL
Although the Focus TDCi gives good consumption when lightly loaded, it is very poor, relatively, when laden. When towing, only 24 mpg is acheived, which is very poor considering I get 22 mpg towing with an Astra 1.8 petrol automatic.

I would be interested in finding out if this poor consumption, under load, applies to all the "modern" high power diesels. If so, I won't change to diesel for my next car.
Ford TDCI MPG - FergusTheDog
I am changing away from diesel at the earliest opportunity
Ford TDCI MPG - Flat in Fifth
Update to Kurnal.

Three tank fulls later, based on "brim" to "brim"
If you truly brim the tank you lose fuel, take a close look.

Tank 1 mostly short trips, couple x 100m driving fairly economically but keeping up with the flow, 51 mpg
Tank 2 mixture longish runs but giving moderate welly 47.
Tank 3 long run welly in most of the way 44

Not good not bad. Definitely a hint of loosening up though re mpg
Ford TDCI MPG - kurnal
Not good not bad!!!!! I'd be delighted. I wish I could get near those figures. I did manage 43 mpg on the last tankful but that was on long runs doing about 450miles over two days.
Theres more evidence though that my car is sick- despite the software update the tip in tip out misfire has come back with avengeance - and tonight after a half hour stop I restarted the car and it set off in a series of kangaroo jumps, then the engine started knocking like a good un, very little power and the glowplug light started flashing. I pulled over as quick as I could and switched off, then it restarted normally. Dreading the fuel contamination problem again- I just can't face going through that lot of hassle again. Just 5000 on the clock by the way.
Ford TDCI MPG - googolplex
I presume you've taken these issues up with Ford again?
What have they had to say? Are they being helpful? Sounds like to me you've got grounds for making a big fuss about this - I realise that this has been ongoing, reading your posts on this and other sites.
I'm personally interested because I'm about to pick up a new one of these cars, so I'm desperately hoping its a goodun since, as you say, some you've owned are great and others not!
Wish me luck...
Ford TDCI MPG - kurnal
Going to ring them on Monday. I don't have a problem with the guys at the main dealership I use- They are always friendly and sympathetic- We are on first name terms and they will always drop everything they are doing to look at my car for me. But they dont seem to have any ideas and there doesn't seem to be any specialist backup they can call on. They are a little tight lipped when it comes to discussing other peoples experience- but main dealers are always like that. Thank goodness for honest john!

My advice is when you go to collect your car allow an extra hour and arrange for a company rep to go for a test drive with you- 20 miles should do. Drive it gently but normally and if it shows any sign if the tip in tip out misfire - mine started this with only 8 miles on the clock- reject it. Dont even think about agreeing to adjustment or repair- just tell them its defective and dont accept it. Ever.
I know this will give you a load of hassle but believe me it will be nothing like the hassle of trying to get the car fixed.

I hope you get a good one- they can be a super car. But no fords for me ever again.
Ford TDCI MPG - googolplex
Thanks for that;
In fact I picked the car up today from Trade Sales and I didn't think they would appreciate me asking for a trial before accepting it. I've just driven the 100 miles back and have to say that, after my previous car, its hard to offer anything other than praise - I could barely hear the engine after it had warmed up leave alone listen for the tip-in-tip-out problem. Quite frankly an outstanding drive. So its so far so good.
Ford TDCI MPG - kurnal
Great stuff and pleased to hear you have a good un!
The reason I keep faith with mine is that I know that when they are right they are a super car.
Let us know how the fuel economy works out. Which model is it and have you bought it or is it a company car?
Ford TDCI MPG - googolplex
Ghia. Private purchase - v rash, I know but couldn't see many 2nd hand ones around and those that were were not too dissimilar in price to this one (over 5K off list price); plus, having read about problems with this engine, I didn't want to get someone else's cast-off!
I'll be keeping a close eye on economy. The trip computer was telling me something daft about 23mpg going round the M25 at 70 but the "miles left in tank" bit had only reduced by 30 odd miles after a 100 mile trip - I haven't worked the controls out yet! In any case, I'll still be using the tried and tested brimming, then refilling and calculating myself. It'll be interesting to see if the trip computer tells the truth!
I'll keep you informed.
Ford TDCI MPG - googolplex
forgot to add - estate!
Ford TDCI MPG - Flat in Fifth
Forgot to add something.

Is this a Ford TDCi effect or High performance diesels in general?

Recently had one of the new funny shape Meganes on hire, complete with the TDCi and 6 speed box.

Couple of German autobahn sessions later, incl stretches at 140-160 kph, plus some pottering at 90-100 kph.......

just done the expenses and it worked out at 53 mpg.

Hated the steering on the Megane, reckon it wouldn't be too long before I'd have planted it into the trees on a fast bend.

Also its difficult to compare car with car / driver with driver, but on the occasions I've borrowed a petrol Mondeo 3 the fuel consumption on anything other than a long run makes me glad I picked a diesel, which is contrary to what someone else posted above I know but there you are.
Ford TDCI MPG - twizzle
I have a pre TDCi 2.0 litre durateorq Mondeo I purchased from new in May 2001. Since then I have monitored every drop of diesel put into the car and the milage it has returned. This cover local shot distances and once per month a 600 mile round trip. The average MPG for the first six month was 49.5 and since then (now at 40K miles) it has dropped to 48 MPG. I think the ecconomy and performance was great, before it developed an engine cutting out intermittent problem that is still not cured (see Mondeo starting problems on this site). I am not a gentle driver on the accelerator, ask my wife, so I think the ecconomy figure is great.
Ford TDCI MPG - kurnal
I had the latest update ecu software installed two weeks ago- this is now version 24. The misfire is much better- still does it on most journeys but nowhere near as much as before. Seems to occur most at 1500 rpm- and I rarely drive with the revs that low, occasionally appears at 2000rpm. Fuel consumption is also better- 43mpg on the last two tankfulls. So we are getting there!
Ford TDCI MPG - googolplex
Good to hear, Kurnal, hope things carry on improving!

Ford TDCI MPG - Cyd
The fuel tests are carried out by the OEMs themselves to legislatively prescribed test regimes. All legislative requirements are on a self certification basis. The VCA, however, will witness a certain proportion of testing (often with little notice) to ensure testing is above board.

Having had a hired Focus TDCi for 4 weeks for company business about 2 months ago, along with all the other petrol Foci I've had for odd days I really cannot understand what everyone is raving about. I've just taken a new job this week, with which I've been provided a new Focus 1.8 Zetec. I have no choice of car - so I've elected to sign up to use it for company business only and hence pay no tax and keep my own car.
Ford TDCI MPG - Ant
Just to add some details for comparison:

I have a 2003 Mondeo 2.0 GHIA Petrol 145bhp.
It's now done just less than 4000 miles and I never turn the a/c off (automatic through climate control).

Just driving backwards and forwards to work (30 mile round trip) gives 36-37mpg. (Figures from dashboard computer)

Last week did 320 mile round trip. Got 43.5mpg on the way there (solid 70mph on the cruise control) and 40.5mpg doing about 80mph on the way back.

Was well chuffed with that, and I'm quite glad I didn't bother with the TDCi, and chose toys instead. (Petrol is £1000 cheaper than TDCi).


Ford TDCI MPG - KeithJ
I bought my Mondeo Ghia X TDCi a month ago and I was told that mpg would be low until the car had run in (after about 1000 miles). How long should it take to return decent economy? At the moment I guess it averages 40mpg at best.

It also gives a noticeable turbo whine under load at mid -high road speeds (i.e. >50mph). Is this normal ?



Ford TDCI MPG - kurnal
Hi Keith
I have never noticed any turbo or other whine on any of the tdcis I have driven- better get it checked out.
My experience is that the cars vary widely in the mpg they deliver- after several software updates and 7000 miles mine has now improved from 38 mpg to 43 mpg average ( brim to brim) but still nowhere near what some other people achieve- and I had one for a month that gave me 49 mpg.
Since my last post the misfire came back so I took it in yesterday for the fuel filter recall and a software upgrade. Its running better than ever so far- but I have learnt that its much too early to celebrate.
When was yours built?
Ford TDCI MPG - KeithJ
Hi Alan,

Mine was registered as 2003 but I'm not sure when it was built. It was an import via Trade Sales from Antwerp.

Does this mean I have to ask for a software upgrade on the basis of poor economy? As for performance its okay but not as fast as the VW Passat PD130 estates that my company use, although its not far off. I guess this might improve a bit with age.


Ford TDCI MPG - kurnal
I really dont know about the effect of a software update as a means of improving economy. I keep going back to the dealer because of misfires that occur - especially between 1500-2000 rpm on partial throttle openings. The fuel economy seems to improve alongside any improvements in the misfire- ie I thought the fuel consumption was excessive because the car was not running properly.
Any ford dealer will be able to tell you the build date from their computer system. The software version is available by plugging in the diagnostic kit. It would be worth taking it in and asking. I believe the latest version is 24B. You do need a helpful and sympathetic dealer- I have found Julian at the dealers in Derby extremely helpful, interested and sympathetic, even in the lack of any real support from the manufacturer.
Be careful where you take it- one high profile dealer in the South west that I had to use due to a breakdown caused much more harm than good, and physically damaged the castings causing major oil leaks and a whole series of further breakdowns.
I tried the passat and the peugeot 406 and in my opinion they were both smoother in their delivery of power and more refined, more akin to a petrol. But I thought they lacked the mid range shove and general exhuberance of the coarser, but more fun mondeo. In hindsight though after all the problems, I wish I'd gone for the passat.
Ford TDCI MPG - Malcolm_L
I drive a Passat TDI estate averaging about 20000 miles p.a.
My previous car was a Mondeo 2.5 estate which was very rewarding to drive and averaged about 31mpg which isn't bad considering.
The Passat's engine and drive train is hard to fault, the gearing in particular suits the car perfectly. I average 44-45 mpg, mostly motorway but recently got 50mpg getting from Holyhead to London (through Snowdonia).
The Passat doesn't handle as well as the Mondeo, even with factory lowered suspension, the Ford engine characteristics are different, I prefer the VW unit, however this may be down to lower gearing.
Tyre pressure seems to make a big difference on the VW, it's a contract lease so I get Dunlop's which are hard compound giving less grip but longer mileage (allegedly!)
I've ended up comprimising between full load pressures and
light load pressures to give better economy but reasonable grip in the wet.
Ford service quality does vary immensely, the best servicing I
got for the Mondeo was an independent - your dealer should refer
to Ford UK for persistent problems in any case?
Best of luck
Ford TDCI MPG - googolplex
Mine is now at 1500 miles and I haven't really noticed any big improvement in mpg. My last tank went for 42.3 and that's using the brimming method and included 2 longish return motorway trips at 70-85mph and several cross country commutes with a fair amount of queuing and stops at T junctions (the fuel computer said 44.8 - pack of lies...) I can't see at the moment how anyone can get near the quoted 47.9 and I'm left querying the Maths of people who claim 50+. Surely only possible if you drive at a constant 56mph and don't include the initial acceleration! Unless I accelerate away fom junctions at snail pace and don't utilise any of the power the car offers, then it looks like mpg is not going to be brilliant. However, I'm not overly concerned since 42.3 still knocks the pants off any petrol equivalent I know of and the car is such a great drive. As I said before, I'm willing to trade a few bhp for mpg. I'm still going over 500 miles between fills and that's reasonable.

What bothers me more that I've been following HJ's running in advice on diesels and I never like revving them that high - I'm supposed to be reaching 3500 regularly at the moment and I'm dreading the time when I have to push it up to 4000 (according to his advice at 2K miles). As for 4500 rpm, well, I just don't know!!! I've driven diesels for a decade now and I've never enjoyed them straining at high revs. I'd rather leave that to the garage (at service/MOT time) when I'm not listening!!!

Ford TDCI MPG - mutley
Hi Keith,
I have a March 02 Ghia X TDCi The car has now done 30K miles approx and has averaged I calculate 50.4 MPG of all sorts of driving in that time.
It was circa 54MPG until the cold weather but it then dropped off but now seems to be improving again.
No noticeable turbo whine in mine but wind noise around the B pillar is annoying.
Ford TDCI MPG - rogerb
Nice to see not much changes! There are some good 'uns, and some not-so-good 'uns.
My V-reg tdd1 did 37-38 (suburban) to about 45 (M'way), which was much the same as most users I spoke to. Only a few spoke of consumption anywhere near 50mpg.
Possibly a one-off, but suburban mpg has recently improved, at the last check to nearly 40, the only difference I can think of is fitting Goodyear NCTs at the front (previously Pirelli, Michelin & Contis made no measurable difference).
Ford TDCI MPG - KeithJ

Sorry its taken so long to get back to this thread.

Basically I took my Mondeo back to the main dealer who say they checked it for fuel leaks etc and then installed the latest engine management software. They then told me to run it to check the economy. After four or so tankfuls with mixed everyday driving the trip computer and a calculation based on amount of fuel etc both agree that the economy is 38mpg. The only occasion I managed to get the trip computer to report 48mpg was on a straight flat road running at about a constant 60mph, but that was only while those condition lasted and it soon reverted to 38mpg.

I'm a bit annoyed about this as I based my purchase of this car on Ford's fuel economy figures and probably would have opted for the VW had I have known about this variability in economy.



Ford TDCI MPG - googolplex
I agree, Keith, since I too find the mpg a disappointment and I have always comfortably beaten manufacturer mpg claims in the past driving diesels for over 10 years. I can't get near the 47.9 claim even when driving at 56 for miles. That to me says that there is something wrong, especially since there ARE cars out there whose owners claim to get 50+ which I thought/hoped would be possible. My last tank went for 43.9 (trip computer claimed 47.1) which is the best yet and included a fair amount of A road driving, commuting (stop start & country lanes/junctions) but some (about 15 miles out of 500) reckless speeding at ahem 90+. My trip computer obviously tells a pack of inflated lies, don't know about yours! I can live with mpg of this nature but it bugs me that Ford can get away with this. I chose Ford over Mazda (which claims modest 44ish figures), amongst other things, because of their claimed better mpg.

Ford TDCI MPG - Flat in Fifth
The only comment I will add to this thread is a recent longish trip involved some long runs at legal limit.

Mileage computer gave average speed at 69 mph which must have been about right. The displayed mpg was 45.1, brim to brim was 44.7, well within expreimental error methinks.

However I do agree with splodge that this is the first car for yonks where I cannot beat the published figs.

Ford TDCI MPG - KeithJ
Well the latest news is the main dealer here in Salisbury had the car yesterday and checked it over using diagnostics gear and doing an emissions test and they could not fault it. They suggested it might be the way I drive as to their knowledge no one has ever criticised the mpg of this car. I referred them back to this website but they weren't interested. Eventually they promised to contact Ford technical support to see if they knew the reason. I'll wait with baited breath...


Ford TDCI MPG - Tonker
As a comparison, my 2003 petrol Passat 2.0 (130) returned 44.8mpg over a 220 mile Friday afternoon trip up the M40/M6. And I did more than just amble along (it also included the Friday crawl up the A40 out of London). Average speed for the journey was 58mph.

Even round city centre London it returns over 32mpg. Over it's 6,500 miles it has averaged 38mpg (most of which has been done at speeds normally reserved for die Autobahn or autostrada).

These figures are off the trip computer but cross checking against the fuel receipts reveals it to be over 98% accurate.

Astounds me as my previous 1.4 Civic only ever returned 34-36 mpg at the same 80-90 cruise - suppose that proves the point of not having to drop to third to overtake with any gusto.

Take into account that I paid GBP11,500 for it (one of the silly VW discount cars) and still persuaded them to register it in 2003 (as opposed to before year end 2002) and I cannot really see how diseasel could possibly make sense for 15K a year spent mostly hoofing it around the country rather than urban travel.

Seeing the panning that VW seem to get on here (and I appreciate it is still young enough that niggles and rattles unreasonable in a 'new' car could start to irritate any day now), I thought it only fair to stick up for our teutonic brethren. Vorsprung durch nicking Audi's engine, as they might [not] say in Wolfsburg.

Ford TDCI MPG - googolplex
They suggested it might be the way I drive as to
their knowledge no one has ever criticised the mpg of this

Simple solution is to get them to drive you round in the car for an hour to show you how its possible to drive the thing and achieve their fabled mpg claims. I don't reckon mine would achieve 47.9 even if I drove at a constant 56 all day.

Ford TDCI MPG - Mr Haynes
Just to add more fuel to the variable economy discussion. I drive a ghia 5dr tdci and get a consistant 50+ doing my normal driving (65% motorway, 35% city / town), and even when hoofing it I've never seen lower than 43mpg.
Ford TDCI MPG - ChrisV
I was interested to read the comments from Fergus
"We have a couple of VAG PDis on the fleet (Golfs), some 130bhp and some 150bhp. They turn in 36-38mpg and whenever I have to drive one I a struck by how noisy and gutless they are.

As I have said elesewhere in the Forum the new A4 with the 1.9 TDi engine is a good car ruined."

I have only driven a few VW TDis, one Seat Alhambra 115BHP and two Golf 130BHPs and I thought they were pretty grunty (the 130 produces 228 lb ft of torque at 1900 rpm which I think is more than the original Rover 3500 V8i) the Golf also managed low 40s MPG in town and 50+ on high speed motorway work.
Have other people had similar experiences to Fergus of has he got some dodgy ones in his fleet?
With the huge variety in results from the Ford TDCI engines I had thought that VW were a better bet!
Ford TDCI MPG - Malcolm_L
The Passat 130 estate I drive returns 43-44mpg on my usual mix which is a 30/70 mixture of town work and motorway cruising.
I recently got 50mpg (according to the trip computer) returning from Holyhead to London, the trip is usually a bit conservative cos I always end up with about 30 miles of fuel when the trip says empty.
It's generally acknowledged that the VAG PDI's are among the most efficient engines around, and I wouldn't call them gutless, however they aren't the quietest, a little thundery at certain revs but at cruising speeds they aren't intrusive.
I wouldn't trade mine in for a diesel Mondeo, difference looks minimal on paper but they are totally different in the flesh.
(Mondeo does handle better, but I need mine for motorway work primarily where handling differences are largely irrelevant, compared to ride quality)
Ford TDCI MPG - quizman
My Passat 130 used to get 45 mpg, since switching to Rix biodiesel it is doing 48 mpg.
However my wifes Focus TDCi is only doing 38 mpg. Not very good is it? Her previous car a Citroen ZX TD always did 40 mpg.
I am not very pleased with the Focus, but cannot stand the hassle of taking it to the main dealer. I would rather use a bit more diesel than have to wait ages for them to do nothing.
I had enough trouble getting a thermostat fixed.
Having owned 7 Fords, this will be my last. give me a VW any day.
Ford TDCI MPG - kurnal
Interesting comparison with my experience - 35% motorway 65% rural A and B roads most of the time driving as gently as possible to maximise MPG ( I'm getting obsessed with this!), just very occasionally letting rip- maximum I can achieve is 43mpg. Car still running well- no sign of misfire except on Sundays. Last two Sundays the misfire has shown itself again but fine the rest of the time. One further thought on the MPG- with 10000 miles on the clock I noticed that the inside of the front tyres has half the tread of the outside edge ( Bridgestones). theres no sign of feathering. Rear tyres pretty even but with feathering on the inside edge. How much could geometry play a part in the MPG do you think?
Ford TDCI MPG - googolplex
I had to take mine in recently because I noticed a slight misfire at idling and they did all the usual stuff with the upgrading of software, checking the fuel filter etc. Everything updated and fine, no shards of metal in fuel filter, etc (except he won't upgrade the fuel filter till service despite having taken it out and looked at it etc.) Mind you the misfire is still there but its so slight I only notice it if I leave it to idle. Also it has used 1.5 litres of oil in 3500 miles. Something to keep an eye on but all perfectly normal.

Anyway, asked him about mpg which I said was low and he (the mechanic at Ford) said that 43 was about the best I should expect from this car. It rather flies in the face of what that other garage told Keith and goes to show that garages ARE aware that the mpg is poor.

However, I too had recently found myself getting obsessed with trying to get that mpg figure up. I get annoyed for example when people stop to turn right and I have to slow down and then accelerate away again - lowers my mpg, see? So on the last tank, I thought "to hell with it" and I've driven around normally - following HJ's advice and taking it up through the rev range fairly regularly - even been up to 4500 - never thought I'd make it up there: not my style. MPG looks like settling at about 41.5 (guesstimate since the trip computer is always about 2mpg too high and is currently showing 43.7). However, the car feels great and I feel like I've thrown off some chains, too. The long term difference between 42ish and high 40s (what I hoped for) is not going to break the bank. The other thing is that hopefully I'm doing the car good by getting everything to wear-in properly.

Ford TDCI MPG - kurnal
You are exactly right splodge, its not worth getting too wound up about the cost of the extra fuel used, its not really a major issue. The two issues that keep me chasing this one are
1- I have had a mondeo loan car for a month - did almost two thousand miles and filled up 4 times and it never did less than 49mpg- same driving, same business journeys. So what is stopping my car from doing the same?
2- How can Ford keep advertising the combined consumption figure of 47 mpg- my car could't achieve that in any circumstances. And neither can most cars if this thread is anything to judge by. I cant see how this complies with trades descriptions legislation.

By the way my misfire is gradually getting more frequent again- at the moment its around the 1500rpm mark and starting to appear once or twice on most journeys.
Ford TDCI MPG - googolplex
Agreed! Sorry to hear the misfire is coming back.

I think it all points to the necessity of what has been suggested by you before: namely that a means is found of putting together a body of evidence to Ford and getting them to answer (or at least investigate) some awkward questions. However, logistically that is no mean task, and the chances of getting Ford to pay attention are not great.

Ford TDCI MPG - KeithJ
Its great that other people have the same experience of me with my Mondeo and their Ford dealers. Well actually I don't mean its great, but at least I know its not just down to the way I drive. Recently I have been trying to drive as gently as possible and have noticed the trip computer showing up to about 42mpg at times. But surely the combined test isn't meant to reflect this kind of driving and should be trying to emulate more normal practices.

I have to say that in any other respect the car is great and all that I could have wished for. However I suppose the point for me was that when choosing the car, it was a very close tie between the VW Passat PD130 sport and my mondeo TDCi Ghia X estate. One of the main factors was the similar fuel consumption and in this respect I feel that Ford has misinformed me. On the other hand this forum hears from drivers who do achieve the said fuel consumption of 48mpg so maybe this is a case of production tolerances causing these net differences.

In my case I think the first thing to do is to get Ford to admit that the fuel concumption is low and by that I can see no other way than regrettebly letting them have my car for a tankful and seeing what they get. I just hate the idea of them putting an extra 600 miles on my car for the sake of them refusing to accept this as a problem.


Ford TDCI MPG - SpamCan61 {P}
Trouble is Ford, and doubtless every other maufacturer, has a disclaimer against the performance figures; so they are in no way guaranteeing their brochure figures. To quote directly from the Ford web site:-

'The CO2 emissions and fuel consumption test figures shown in the chart do not express or imply any guarantee of the emissions or fuel consumption of a car of the class in question (see back cover).'

Just how far away from the brochure figures an individual car can be, and still be considered 'fit for purpose' I don't know.
Ford TDCI MPG - googolplex
Recently I have been trying
to drive as gently as possible and have noticed the trip
computer showing up to about 42mpg at times. But surely the
combined test isn't meant to reflect this kind of driving and
should be trying to emulate more normal practices.

I tried this, Keith, for a while and I am certain that the car didn't appreciate it - started running much less smoothly etc. Now my attitude is "to hell with it" and I drive the car as I would want to and enjoy the power and performance. Its far more rewarding and, each time I get round to a near empty tank, I think that the difference between 42mpg which I do get and the 45mpg which I would consider just about reasonable is only 30 odd miles.

Ford TDCI MPG - benson
I too have had problems with my mondeo tdci. I have been getting approx 36 mpg. I have had programme no. 25, pinking has gotten worse, fuel comnsmption same. Dealer says air in tank when filled....yeah right!
Ford computer says 48-50 mpg
my physical test filling to overflow, driving, then filling to overflow, shows 36mpg on average.
Dealer says I am wrong------- any tips?
Ford TDCI MPG - kurnal
I have found you have to be very careful when filling up to ensure the tank really is brim full - it can vary by almost a gallon in my experience depending on the slope of the ground and how much the fuel froths when the tank is filled. To be sure I use the same pump at the same filling station and take the last half gallon very slowly. Getting worried about my state of mind though- this sort of thing never used to be important to me!
I have some mixed news- I have achieved 44 mpg on the last two tankfuls- perhaps because the weather is warmer? The misfire comes and goes- the car will run fine for a couple of days then be a pig for a couple of days. But it seems to be putting out quite a bit of black smoke on acceleration which is worrying- been there before with the last car before the pump failed!
Ford TDCI MPG - googolplex
Dealer says I am wrong------- any tips?

Benson, Tell him to take you for a 600 mile drive to show you how it "should be done"...Typical dealer, put the blame on the motorist. I suggest you persevere and get the dealer to pay attention. Its outrageous they should even try and fob you off.

Kurnal, I've had so much more driving fun since I stopped caring (so much)about the mpg. And, to cap it all, the other day turned off the air con, drove boldly for 200 miles mostly motorway at 80-85 and got what looks to be about 44 to 45 (Fuel comp said 47.7 but always over-estimates - but not by as much as Benson's obviously). I didn't think the aircon made that much difference but its obviously having to work harder as it warms up...The car is still really great to drive - just a little bit uneven every now and then. I have noticed that short trips make it worse, so I use the wife's car around town where possible.

Ford TDCI MPG - kiwidave
to update my experience:

Main dealer foreman heard my MPG complaints at service counter and agreed to rechip software. This was 2-3 months ago.

From 38-42mpg I am now getting around 46mpg at 70-80mph on 160-mile motorway jaunts.

When asked, foreman said that no, they did not upgrade the software on every TDCI that came in, just on those cars whose owners seemed aware of the issue and pressed for improvement: ''We are running a business here and it takes over an hour's labour.''

I am reasonably happy now. Never had a misfire problem.

I accept I am never likely to see 50mpg either, driving realistically.
Ford TDCI MPG - DavidHM
Kiwi, are you driving a Mondeo or a Focus?


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