V70 T5 - Good Price - ian
Neighbour has a v70 T5 Auto for sale owned by himself since new March 2000. It has done about 70k miles and he wants about £12k for it (says this is what the garaged offered as trade-in). Does this sound a good price? is Volvo servicing very expensive? I understand a cambelt is required at 70k is this likely to be an expensive (c.£500) job? I fancy the space and the pace combined. General v70 build, reliability and ownership advice much appreciated. Thanks, Ian
V70 T5 - Good Price - DavidHM
Is it one of the first of the new shape or one of the last of the old ones. It sounds like quite a high trade in offer - ask him to get a price for his new car without a trade in because, especially if it's an old shape, this sounds high.
V70 T5 - Good Price - SjB {P}
I don't know about the 'old shape' models, but if your neighbour's V70 is a 'current shape' V70, the cambelt doesn't need changing until 165,000 KMs (just over 100,000 miles) according to the Volvo schedule.

I know, because I collect my new V70 in a few weeks, and specifically asked this question during the purchase process. Of course you are free to change the belt whenever you like, but I haven't heard of any that have let go under this mileage.

V70 T5 - Good Price - ian
It is the new model v70 2000-on in dark metallic blue, beige leather. He has already bought a new E-class Mercedes. The Volvo dealer he was talking to regarding leasing some S60's for his company was not really interested in taking the car as a part ex hence his decision to sell privately.

This car is right at the top of my budget but with the general implosion in the used car market (just read the guy who can't shift his new shape mondeo) I figure he's going to find it hard to find someone who wants to spend 12k privately so maybe a few quiet weeks in Autotrader may soften him up a bit.
V70 T5 - Good Price - DavidHM
Given that it's a new one, the mileage is sensible, and he presumably can still sell it to the dealer (?) the price is a good one. There's an identical one in Solihull, sold privately, for £14k, and I that's the about cheapest there is believe it or not. I'd say it's a good deal, especially for that colour and spec.
V70 T5 - Good Price - Martin Wall
Well given that its almost out of warranty you may wish to price a Volvo extended warranty (really just Mechanical Breakdown Insurance) for this car at a Volvo dealer and use this as a bargaining tool, perhaps? Also - just because it's your neighbour's car don't forget to do an HPI check and look for accident damage!

good luck
V70 T5 - Good Price - Martin Devon
Parkers is looking like 2k more!



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