Escort 1.3 HCS - Mayonnaise - mfarrow

Car's a 1989 4-speed model and has done 50k. Usually take it on 10-12 mile journeys at ~60mph each time it's started up. Checked oil filler cap this weekend after about 3 weeks and noticed mayonnaise in the cap and in the breather hose. Shook the cap and hose and a few big droplets of water came out. Breather hose isn't completely blocked with mayo or other obstruction.

Any suggestions? Haven't been looking at coolant too closely, but before I took the filler car off I thought the coolant might had gone down a bit to what it was. No oil in coolant, or mayonnaise on dipstick. Also read on this site that it might just be the winter months doing this rather than a head gasket?

Any help would be appreciated.


Mike Farrow
Escort 1.3 HCS - Mayonnaise - jc
Check the breather in or under the air cleaner;there will be an orifice-small hole- which sometimes gets blocked up,also the foam filter in it needs washing out or replacing;you just have to make sure there is an adequate air-flow.
Escort 1.3 HCS - Mayonnaise - mfarrow
do you mean clean the filter in the filler cap? Have taken the air filter apart where the breather hose goes in, doesn't seem to be any blockage or sponge in there.
Escort 1.3 HCS - Mayonnaise - james_60

had exactly the same prob with my 1989 mk3 1 litre fiesta

only used for short journys

the best thing i ever did to help it was to fill up with shell optimax and change the oil and filter then take it for a blast down the motorway

it did it well as i have not had any mayonaise since

James Stephenson
Escort 1.3 HCS - Mayonnaise - mfarrow

Thanks for your replies.

Haven't noticed any more coolant loss so have put it down to the cold weather causing the gasses to condense in the breather hose, even over moderate runs. Cleaned out the filler cap with parrafin and swilled out the adaptor under the air filter housing - couldn't find any sponge :-S.

Will flush and replace oil now winter is over and keep fingers crossed.


M Farrow

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