Freelander TD4 Automatic - alan61
At 22,000 miles, and only 18 months old, the steptronic gearbox has now failed. It appears to be an electronic problem rather than a total failure as it will still engage first and reverse gears. The main dealer says that the whole unit must be replaced at a cost of over £4,000. Has anyone else had this problem?
Freelander TD4 Automatic - Mark (RLBS)
but presumably not at a cost to you ? Surely a warranty job - something I suspect that they are very familiar with.
Freelander TD4 Automatic - Dave N
I've seen 2 of these early failures in my travels around main dealers. They are correct that currently they have to be replaced with new. They're made by JATCO and no rebuilders are yet up to speed, and all the solenoids are internal and not accessible with the box in situ. If you look at the number of wires going to the socket on the box you will get an understanding of the number of electronic items inside it. £4K seems a bit cheap, as I think it's about 15 hours to do the job, there certainly isn't any spare room in which to work, so the engine has to come out.


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