New Mondeo wheel bearing going? - Yoby
I am hearing a rumble which I am worried is a front wheel bearing on my 2001 Y Reg new shape Mondeo - it is at its loudest at around 40mph ...... could it be the bearing, the car has done 27k? Have any other owners had this?

Any thoughts would be appreciated! - Thanks

New Mondeo wheel bearing going? - David Davies
A wheel bearing noise will normally be affected by the load on the bearing.Does the noise change in pitch or intensity when the car is cornering? For instance a left hand front wheel bearing which is noisy will become quieter on left hand turns and louder on right hand turns,because of weight transfer when cornering.Good place to test this is in a large deserted car park,if you can find one!
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)

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