1994 Rover 827 Coupe - needs doctor - isobella greene
Just blown the head gasket on my Rover 827 Coupe, everyone is talking telephone numbers for repair charges. Is this really the case ? -
1994 Rover 827 Coupe - needs doctor - Jonathan {p}
Call an undertaker :-0

it does depend on what you mean by 'blown'. if its simply a matter of replacing the gasket, it shouldn't be too expensive. If it has warped the head, then its a different matter altogether.
1994 Rover 827 Coupe - needs doctor - Union Jack
Ed Gaskett

It does indeed depend on what you mean by "blown" - unless you are a contortionist, then you probably have warped the head .....


1994 Rover 827 Coupe - needs doctor - Cyd
These engines are low water content engines (for improved warm up times & weight). They have some very small waterways (which is why Radweld has a warning on the back not to use it in them). Unfortunately if coolant services have been neglected then these waterways clog easily and the engine (heads in particular) become prone to overheating - this leads to blown head gaskets and warped heads and is likely to be expensive to repair. Best bet would be to find your nearest independant Rover specialist and have them look at the car (or try a Honda dealer, they seem more knowledgable about this engine than Rover dealers). Have a look at www.rovertorque.co.uk to see if you can find a specialist near you. Unfortunately it isn't possible to know if the head is warped until it is off and if one needs skimming you'll need to do both or the inlet manifold may not fit back on.
1994 Rover 827 Coupe - needs doctor - Dave N
I think they also had some sort of problem with liners shifting or corroding, and corrosion on the top of the block, such that even a new gasket and head skim doesn't solve the problem.
1994 Rover 827 Coupe - needs doctor - David Lacey
Yep, it's dead...

A HG change on one of these (reliable 2.7 litre) Honda lumps is a big job - there isn't much more I can say.

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