Legal question - DaveA4
In May 2002 I bought a new Audi A4. For the last 10 weeks, it has been sat in my local Audi dealer's compound awaiting a new ignition coil. This is the second time the fault has happened (on the first occasion a new coil was fitted at the road side).

In fairness to Audi, I have been lent an Omega during the time my car has been off the road, but I want my A4 back!! I am getting fed up.

My questions are:

1. bearing in mind the vehicle was clearly not of 'merchantable quality' (I think that is the correct phrase) when new, do I have a legal right to ask for my money back?

2. if not, do I have any other recourse, or do I have to simply wait for a new coil to be fitted. Am I being unreasonable for beginning to think that as I have paid for an Audi, I should be driving an Audi?

3. when a supply of ignition coils arrive, can I insist on all 4 being replaced on the basis that the other three will fail at some point (this is a recognised fault with these components) and not return the Omega until this is done, or again is this unreasonable.

4. Finally, how long can a vehicle stand for in the open air without any deterioration?

All comments gratefully received.

Legal question - Phil I
Dave H : Search on 'Audi Coil' will give you several threads relative to this problem together with links to other info sources.

hth Phil I
Legal question - Dave H
Thanks Phil

I now realise I am not alone!!




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