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I have a Japanese import and the radio is programmed to get their channels and ours are mainly out of the bandwidth. Halfords will sell me a radio but want £200 to fit it as they say they is a lot to do changing the wiring etc....hmmmm. I have seen some converters for about £20.

any ideas, thanks.

japanese import, need advice on radio - RT

Halfords sell lots of converter looms !

Once you've identified the connector configuration it shouldn't be diificult.

japanese import, need advice on radio - Collos25

Do they want to rewire the whole car or does that price include a radio, most japanese cars have Iso cables and a 1 din or 2 din unit will fit straight in alternatively you can fit a frequency expander easy to fit require a +-12v to work.Worked on a few Japanese and American imports in my time had no problems but you do not say what type of car it is so further help is not possible.

japanese import, need advice on radio - gordonbennet

Halfords audio connectors adaptors and wiring are expensive, nearly as bad as Maplins, suggest you identify which, if any, you need, and get them online for a fraction.

In fairness though, Halfords end of range, sale, special purchase car audio is so well priced as to be alomst impossible to beat.

japanese import, need advice on radio - barney100

The toyota is a Hi ace. I've seen afew around and they are often campers like mine.

japanese import, need advice on radio - martint123

Rather than swap the radio, a frequency shifter is often used - something like www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Radio-FM-Band-Frequency-Imp...a (no connection, just googled)

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a good car audio specialist will sell the loom adaptor to convert to European iso standard.

I've used those band expanders in the past, Complete waste of time as the display on any PLL radio will then be as good as useless as still shows only the Japanese frequency range.

You could just listen to Radio 2, That just about falls into the end of the Japanese frequency range.

japanese import, need advice on radio - brizbarnhart

Did you ever figure out what you need for the Hiace radio swap? I have an imported from Japan 1992 Toyota Hiace Super Custom. I already snipped the original wiring harness out, but can't figure out what color wires mean what. I have a Panasonic head unit that I bought useds off of craigslist. The colors of my wires left to right are:

Top row: black w/ silver dots / blue w/ silver dots / brown w/ silver dots / blue with red stripe / green w/ white strip / pink w/ blue stripe

Next row: green w/ silver dots / yellow with silver dots / red w/ silver dots / white w/ silver dots / gray with black stripe / black w/ white stripe

its only one connector (loom), not two like some toyotas. Any help would be great.

japanese import, need advice on radio - corax

Do you mean that you've cut the original harness and connector out that plugs into the connector on the original radio?

Normally you should be able to get a specific Panasonic loom that plugs into a Hiace loom. Someone like Autoleads could have one.

japanese import, need advice on radio - nellyjak

I just ditched the Jap stuff in my Estima import and replaced it with a modern Toyota compatible double din head unit off eBay for about £120 IIRC....I wanted the bluetooth facility.

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