Watchdog vs. Ford Focus - Psychophylaxis
I'm considering buying a new Focus, but was wondering whether the problem (complete loss of power for no good reason) reported by Watchdog ( )is true or a (as usual) lie. Have any of you Focus owners out there suffered this problem?
Watchdog vs. Ford Focus - Pete F
The reports are true but compared to the total number of Focus cars produced are insignificant. You're more likely to write it off driving home from the dealer after you bought it.
Watchdog vs. Ford Focus - Psychophylaxis
I spoke to both Ford's customer care line and my local Ford dealer, both said the problem only occurs on 2000 & 2001 Focus's
Watchdog vs. Ford Focus - Carl2
One person on this program said that they lost steering and brakes. Well I could understand how you could loose power assistance to these two but not use, just because the engine cut out. If I were Ford I would like an explanation from Watchdog. I wouldn,t take any notice of their oppinion as they are not reporting the facts in an accurate manner.
Watchdog vs. Ford Focus - Wales Forester
My beloved had these probs on her 1999 1.8 (petrol) LX, speedo would drop to zero, mileage and trip would stop registering, engine management light would come on constant, then as soon as she took her foot off the throttle the engine would die, and she'd lose the brake and steering assistance.
Ford dealer sorted it after two tries by resetting something in the engine management, although they can't guarantee that it won't start happening again.
Watchdog vs. Ford Focus - Dave N
Carl is right, plenty of scaremongering going on.

What they should point out is the driver lost the power assistance to the brakes and steering, not quite the same as loosing them.
Watchdog vs. Ford Focus - IKM
I saw this programme and just managed to read part of a Ford technical document describing a problem with crankshaft end float. On checking through Honest John's Car-by-Car Breakdowns for the Focus I notice that there was a recall for this which applied to automatics, i.e.

"30/5/2000: all Focus automatics recalled because excessive crankshaft end float may allow torque convertor to contact crankshaft position sensor leading engine to cut out. Revised crankshaft thrust bearing and new crankshaft position sensor to be fitted."

So if you intend to buy a manual Focus there may not be any problem.


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