mmm multipla jtd - injector - dafydd tomos
After looking around for many months for a mpv to transport 4 kids & kaboodle i've just bought a 9 month old jtd105 and am very pleased - great to drive, park, cruise, and incredibly practical and frugal.

One small problem - the injector warning light illuminates intermittently and the manual states that the car should only be driven under low revs and for shor distances with the light on. - Stopping the car and restarting seems to cure the problem and when I return the car to the garage next week it is 100% certain that the problem will not arise and therefore not come up on the diagnostics.

Does anyone know what the warning light signifies - and what damage would it do to carry on driving with the light on??

Any known glitches/ problems with this engine?
Fiat problem - David Lacey
We have come across this fault with a few Fiats
It seems to be an Oxygen Sensor malfunction that puts this light on
A new sensor effects a cure - surely they would have fixed this fault by now on new models??
Surely your car is so new, this would be covered under warranty?
Re: Fiat problem - Dafydd Tomos
Thanks for the reply

yes - i'ts covered by warranty i'ts just irritating that the dealer had not picked it up.

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