VW Polo Cutting Out - Smart Mart
Can anyone help. My VW Polo, 1.05L 1988 is cutting out when it reaches normal operating temperature. It restarts after a few minutes then stops again after 2-3 minutes, always failing in the most difficult place! My first thought was the coil, but changing it has made no difference. Possibly the petrol pump? Suggestions please or the polo gets it!
VW Polo Cutting Out - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Most likely the hall effect unit in the distributor or the ignition amp. Amp from a factor is the cheaper option of the two.

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VW Polo Cutting Out - Big John
Do a search on this site for Polo carb icing!

1)Check the warm air pipe between the exhaust manifold and air filter, it may be damaged or missing.
2)Check the vacuum operated flap inside the air filter to ensure that it moves to allow warm air intake (engine running!).
VW Polo Cutting Out - Mondeo Man 100000.....

This happened with a P reg 1.4 Polo.
It was due to the 'throttle housing'.
Buy a 'repaired' one from a WEB site.
I was lucky to know a VW mechanic who could set the replacement throttle housing.
Once it is setup, the engine will tend to idle at high revs for about a week, before settling down or requiring final adjustments.

VW Polo Cutting Out - Peter D
Describe how it stops, is it sden, gradual, huffs and puffs, chugs and pops or what. When you are cranking after the stall can you smell fuel.

Right simple test get an old spark plug and carry it with you in the car. Next time it stops jump out, pull an HT lead off, fit the plug resting it on some metal somewhere and crank it over, is there a healthy spark ??? Practice this when there is no fault. You do not need a plug if you have a bit of wire you can push up the plug cap. Use a bit of copper wire from a length of twin and earth cable or something, the spark should jump at least a cm. No not put yourself in the position where you get a shock because you will hit your head on the bonnet catch in your involuntary attempt to get away from the nasty thing that just bit you. !!! I can hear all you guys laughing now and that’s because you, or you’ve seen your mate do it right.


VW Polo Cutting Out - Big Cat
Exactly the same as I had with our 1988 1.3 Polo. Began to drive me and my local VW garage mad. After much investigation and expense it turned out to be the fuel pump. Similar symptoms can arise with a duff Hall sender but replace the pump first as they are cheap and the Hall sender isn't...

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