Kangarooing/Stalling - Rock
Hello, I have a single point injection ax1.4i tzx, it is using loads too much fuel, and constantly kangarooing and stalling at all speeds,the fault light come on when this happens, but the nearest citroen place is a long way, and the local garage,s computer fault finder would not work on my car for some reason.
I have replaced fuel filter and cleaned fuel pump filter to rule those out.
a mechanic told me that it is probably a valve sensor that costs around £60 second hand as it is attached to other stuff and you have to buy the lot, the problem is I don,t know which sensor to buy because there are lots of them, can anyone put me right on this please? (i lost contact with the mechanic)

Also my vacuum pipe that is connected at one end to the distributor may not be connected correctly at the other end, it was hanging in fresh air when I bought it, I connected it to a electrical type switch with two prongs sticking out at right angles to each other.(obviously meant for small hoses)this thing is connected electrically close to the stepper motor area. The other prong is open to fresh air, is this correct? I cant see anywhere else to connect it,I have Haynes manual, but it doesnt help much on this one.
Cheers Jon

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