Octavia RS estate vs Volvo T5 - KW
I need an estate with good rear load space with performance, and would be grateful for any advice good/bad on new Octavia RS estate - I guess anything based on hatch would apply. Other possible is a couple of year old T5.
Octavia RS estate vs Volvo T5 - DavidHM
Drive them both. The Octavia is very fast and desirable, but it is smaller than the Volvo by quite a bit. For the money (£15k) you'd probably be looking at a 210bhp one, which won't be noticeably faster in a heavier car. Both are wonderfully subtle performance cars.

www.briskoda.net is the web community for the Octavia, by the way - I'm sure they'll answer any questions on what it's like to live with the car.
Octavia RS estate vs Volvo T5 - volvod5_dude
T5 everytime over a Skoda, but then I'm biased!
Octavia RS estate vs Volvo T5 - Steve S
The Volvo - in 2.4T guise (it's a better, smoother drive and almost as quick - IMHO).
Octavia RS estate vs Volvo T5 - Soupytwist
Owning an Octavia TDi estate I would not say that it has good rear load space, not when compared with a Volvo T5 anyway. It's good for the size of car but a T5 is considerably bigger is it not ?

Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.

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