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Still going strong! Yep its been a while now since I\'ve posted about my lovely omega, but just wanted to say that she\'s still going strong without any probs or hassle since I purchased it with 89K on the clock last June. It was left in a long stay car park for 3 weeks in sub zero conditions at the airport during Xmas and started straight away when I got back! Its now reaching 97,000 on the clock and I am still wondering whether I should have the auto box oil replaced or not (whether I am better to leave it alone). Its running on Mobil 1 now, but other than a new air filter I havent done anything to the car.
Also, slightly off the topic but perhaps some of the more advanced and experienced members here can advise me.. given the current rather nasty icy conditions and the rather uncertain road conditions in my area, what is the best advise when driving on possibly icy roads. Also if the car does begin to slide, what\'s the best thing to do? Its an auto and rear wheel drive by the way!

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For the sake of saving yourself a few grand and piece of mind, get the cambelt and rollers changed.....They have a nasty habit of causing about 2 grands worth of damage to the engine if not changed every 20-30k
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Re sliding: foot off the accelerator, steer into the skid until you regain some control, then gently try to steer again. Stop and change underpants.

Glad the car's still going well. Mine was fine until on, I feel another post coming on - needs its own space rather than an aside in another thread.

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Glad the car's still going well.

But is it? svpworld's post was back in Feb of this year -- some 7 months ago.
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Oh yeah. Wondered when you'd spot my deliberate mistake.


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