Would you buy a Espace Diesel?? - Phidman
I am looking for a large economical motor - either MPV or large estate car. As a result of the brand new Renault Espaces coming to market there are some, what appear to be, serious bargains to be had on the old shape. I have seen much negative discussion relating to the Diesel engines - however, is this related to an old spec engine or is the 2.2 unit any good? Any other advice relating to this vehicle would be much appreciated.
Would you buy a Espace Diesel?? - T Lucas
If it was choice between walking or owning a Renault of any description,especially an Espace,i would have to think long and hard,too poorly put together for me.
Would you buy a Espace Diesel?? - PR {P}
We`re on our 4th Espace at the minute 1 petrol and 3 diesel. The 2.2 you talk about, is it the 2.2Dti or the 2.2Dci? The Dci is the current one and is common rail so is much more refined, however the 2.2dti isnt bad at all.
Would you buy a Espace Diesel?? - Phidman
It's the DCi 2.2 - i.e. the last diesel to be used in the previous carnation of the Espace.

I guess given that you're on your 4th Espace you would recommend them? Did you consider the Galaxy (or it's stablemates)?
Would you buy a Espace Diesel?? - PR {P}
Its actually my dads but I drive it frequently. He looked at all of them but he`s an Espace man, and I agree, they are the best equipped, and they look quite good aswell. Cant really tell its a diesel once moving, a bit clattery on startup, but all diesels still are apparantly. If buying an MPV I would have the Espace. Any other questions let me know
Would you buy a Espace Diesel?? - Stephen
We had a 2.2 TD Espace. The engine went wrong and it seemed that others had the same problem. It appeared to be a problem with Espace's around 1997-98. Ours was a 98 model. Take a look on the forum here by doing a search on Espace Turbo Diesel and you should pick up the thread.
So I wouldn't go near them now. I can't comment on the later crop of common rail injection diesels.
I loved the shape, stylingm, handling and layout. But for servicing, the engine was a nightmare, and the electronics - well I think the poor quality of that is well known.
We now have a Honda Shuttle - partly at HJs recommendation. It is not as nicely styled and feels a bit tinny compared. However, it is beautifully layed out for servicing and apparently has one of the best reliability records around. It is only petrol and automatic so is quite a bit more thirsty than the Espace.
However, increased fuel bills are nothing compared to a major service cost if the engine goes wrong.

Stephen Khoo
Would you buy a Espace Diesel?? - jeds
Would you buy a Espace Diesel?? - puntoo
special edition "the race", lots of goodies, lots of money off.
Would you buy a Espace Diesel?? - patent
Bought one a few weeks ago from trade-sales in slough. It's a French (or spanish) import, so doesn't have all the features of the UK equivalent, but it was 6 grand cheaper. 2.2DCi engine not bad, but not as good as the Focus 1.8TDCi. It's noisier and doesn't pull as well. Only (?) one fault so far, the fuel gauge read empty all the time, so warning bells and lights. Fixed under warranty by local dealer, which meant taking the tank out. Still haven't got the driver's manual, so not sure how to fix the seat belt for the central seat of the middle row. Other than that it's a very nice car, better visibility (which my wife appreciates) than the galaxy, 806 etc. Not as nimble as our previous 12-year-old Espace and apparently not as roomy inside (progress!). Still learning how to drive it (my wife drives it more than me).

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