new vectra - t.g.webb
In Belfast today I saw just one new Vectra and I've noticed remarkably few of them generally.
new vectra - googolplex
can't remember reading one half-complimentary review of this car except those written by Jonny What-Car (recent annual awards)who seem to think its the best thing since the last best thing, whatever that was, presumably another Vectra.

Perhaps I shouldn't write this sort of thing but is what car being entirely honest - maybe they own shares in GM or something...
...or is everyone else completely biased?

new vectra - Mark (RLBS)
I drove one for about an hour or so a week ago. I quite liked it. I thought it filled the same bill as its predecessor - its very good at the job its designed to do.

It isn't supposed to be the flashest car in existance, just a stable, reliable work horse with comfort.

The looks don't do much for me either way - good or bad.
new vectra - Dynamic Dave
George Fowler gave a Vectra 3.2 V6 quite a good write-up
in The Star last Firday.

It's about time. Obviously a man with taste ;o)
new vectra - DavidHM
Well, it's better than the last one.

Reg Vardy are doing them brand new, four door saloon, Club spec (air, alloys, ABS, leccy windows and CD) for £11495. At that money, it makes sense.
new vectra - MikeC
and I've noticed remarkably few of them generally

Yeah, strange I haven't seen many about, the only one I see regularly is one I hired (same registeration).

I thought it was quite good, comfortable, well equipped (although the standard cruise control had been disabled, presumably because it was a hirecar).

My only critisms were: considerably lacking in mid-range power compared with rival 1.8s, especially with 4 colleagues on board; indicator and wiper stalks that drove me mad; and a tacky info display unit.

Much better than the old Vectra though, every one I've been in had some fault including either engine management and/or low brake fluid.
new vectra - smokie
"Obviously a man with taste ;o)"

Not if he works for The Star...

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