Local Police IQ shocker - Ian (Cape Town)
'Reverse logic' not so fine
31/01/2003 08:15 - (SA)

Pretoria - A member of the metro police was probably thinking in reverse when he fined a driver because the pick-up's reverse lights worked only when the vehicle was going backwards.

Willem Smit of Pretoria was stunned when he was issued with this R200 fine. "I could not believe I was getting a fine, because my car was roadworthy."

Smit was on his way from Hammanskraal to Erasmia when the metro police pulled him over to test his vehicle's roadworthiness.

"I co-operated fully because I knew everything was in order. The man tested everything, from my hooter to my indicators. Then, to my shock, I was given a fine because the reverse lights worked only when the car was in reverse!"

Smit said he tried to explain to the officer that this was how reverse lights worked, but the policeman apparently did not want to listen and told Smit to file a complaint with the chief traffic official.

Smit described the fine as ridiculous: "What else can I do except laugh?"

He will probably also have the last laugh because the case is likely to be dismissed when it goes to court on March 5.

"I will definitely not pay R200 because my reverse lights are working and any magistrate should understand that."

Smit said the fine highlighted the lack of training of metro police. A lot of money and time was being wasted by, what he described as "incompetence".

"The courts already are too full and now we have to waste more time with this nonsense."

Mel Vosloo of metro police said the fine was vaguely worded and the officer probably wanted to write that the reverse lights were glowing continuously.

The reverse lights on Smit's pick-up were in perfect condition on Thursday and glowed only when the car was in reverse - as the fine states.
Local Police IQ shocker - Jonathan {p}
Has he tried this site yet?

Local Police IQ shocker - GRowlette
How about this Ian? Same thing, I'm going to the city I get stopped. The porker can't find much so he tells me I don't have a warning triangle. I say so what.

He says well you have to have a warning triangle. Fine for not having is 500 pesos. But ma'am I will make it easy for both of us, you can rent this warning triangle I have here for 200 pesos just for the purposes of the vehicle inspection then I don't have to give you a ticket.........
IQers. - Toad, of Toad Hall.
Ohhh. I have some. Not necessarily in England of course.

Bloke I used to know car tops a boat.

He kept getting stopped and it irritated him. He checked the law and it turned out he was 100 per cent legal. DIdn\'t stop them stopping him. [1]

Another guy I know got pulled for having a 4x4 that was \'too wide\'. It was new and a common model so her checked and it was perfectly legal.

Third and last low IQ shocker was a guy her. Pulled at 50. DO you know the speed limit sir? Yes it\'s 50. End of conversation. (No appolgy though - just abluffed attempt to make him look stupid)


These are my own opinions, and not necessarily those of all Toads.
Local Police IQ shocker - John R @ Work {P}
Many moons ago... I was driving a Leyland Terrier 7.5 Tonne van, as I exited the M62 near Liverpool I was directed into a layby for a random check. The "young" bobby checked round the vehicle and found it in proper working order. Upon checking its plate and my driving licence his face lit up and said that I shouldent be driving without a HGV(3), no, I says an full car and over 21 is ok as this type of van was designed for it.
Off he goes to radio in to check and comes back with a long face. His comment was that it "was ONLY JUST under the weight limit" and I should be careful in future.
I drove off with a wry smile on my face, similar to the one I had when C&E and Traffic wanted to dip my tank (Transit) for pink diesel, Go ahead I says and if you find any I'll eat a scabby donkey, "why?" they asked...

It was a petrol...

John R
Local Police IQ shocker - Flat in Fifth
relative is gonna kill me for this but......

He performs a vehicle inspection on a Commer Van, can't remember the model, the one with the rounded front end and narrow track front axle.

Anyway bro jacks up the rear end and finds the rear wheel spins freely when the handbrake is fully on. Ho Ho he thinks certain conviction here, just do a road test to confirm.

Off he sets, looks down at the Tapley meter in the footwell, yanks on the handbrake and..................

nearly stands it on its nose. The parking brake operates on the front wheels. Doh!
Local Police IQ shocker - Dwight Van Driver

Ahhh memories.

Them b***** Commer vans. Spent ages myself looking for the handbrake cable to rear wheels to find out the opposite.

Another sin, saw a sparkling Zodiac being driven by a very small youthful driver. Stopped it and found him to be Chinese. In best pidgin english asked for his DL etc. "Why high mun hear they arr"
in broad Newcastle accent . Gummmpph.

Local Police IQ shocker - blowpipe
Car stopped in London bus lane. 'Do you realise you are committing an offence by using the bus lane?' Reply: 'But...it's Sunday.' Ahhh,yes. Exit stage left.
Local Police IQ shocker - Dave_TD
We had new red bus lanes painted here about 2 years ago, accompanied by blue signs stating "buses only, 7am - 7pm"

You're ahead of me here, aren't you?
11.30pm the first night they were installed, me walking with copper back up the street to show him the blue sign...


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