Corolla seat - DeeJay
I've just replaced my 98 Corolla with a new one , a T3 1.6 3dr ( my 4th Toyota ). I cannot get comfortable behind the wheel , however I set the seat . The semi-sports style of the seat cuts the circulation to my legs and is grossly uncomfortable . Now , is this just me or has anyone else experienced this with the new model Corolla ? Any ideas what to do about it ? DeeJay .
Corolla seat - merlin
I had similar problems with the new Corolla during an extended test drive. I could not get the seatbelt so that it felt comfortable and like you the seats caused problems with the backs of my legs. Have you tried talking to the garage about it? Maybe they have a money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied.
Corolla seat - L'escargot
I had similar problems with a Citroen ZX Volcane and a Peugeot 306 XSi. Both had "bucket" seats. Presumably they call them bucket seats because it's like sitting on the rim of a bucket !!
When I bought my Focus, I rejected the Zetec model for this very reason and chose the Ghia model which has flatter and more comfortable seats. Now, I'm not interested in any car which has heavily bolstered seats ~ even if they do have more street cred. I wonder how many car manufacturers lose sales just because they allow stylists instead of orthopaedic surgeons to design their seats ?
Corolla seat - webbo
I have a '93 Corolla Diesel which has very ordinary (none sports) seats. It has taken me ages to mould the seats to my shape (or is that me mould to the shape of the seat??), they are now very comfortable.
Corolla seat - flatfour
I agree, some manufacturers are putting very poorly supporting seats in sometimes upmarket cars. Last week I was invited to test drive the Renault range, the seat backs were very poor, placing a hand infront and behind the seat back, firstly you could feel your hand right through, and the few springs that give support to your back. Citreons are the same most models, and the new Toyota Avensis Verso.

Please manufacturers put better seats in, my back is half dead already and i've got another 30 years of driving to do.
Corolla seat - merlin
No it's not just you. I test drove a new Corolla when it first came out. After an extended drive I found that I couldn't get comfortable. As you describe, the seat was putting too much pressure on the back of my legs cutting circulation. 9 months later I had another test drive thinking I must of dreamt the problem but unfortunately the seat was still very uncomfortable. In the end I went for a second hand Mazda 626 saving £5000 and getting a bigger car too. Hope you can get a result this time and for the next car you buy, take it out for at least a day of varied driving. The dealer probably won't be happy though.
Corolla seat - HectorG
I have a VW Golf GT TDi with so called 'sports seats'. The idea is that they are meant to support you when using the extra performance the car has in comparison with lesser models.

Personally I find the seats very uncomfortable, particularly as they dig into the sides of your legs.

I also run an old Volvo 740 with large flat seats.Whilst not providing much lateral support they are very comfortable on long journeys.I would always pay particular attention to a car's front seats before purchase and will avoid 'sports seats' in future.



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