new exhaust - KB.
I've just had a new middle box fitted to a Maestro. It replaced a Kwikfit stainless one fitted in '94. It cost £40 from a local independant tyre / exhaust place. Its much noisier than the old one. Sounds like a sports, big bore one.


Is it (as the fitter told me when I mentioned it) just 'cos it's new - and will get better when the carbon builds up?

Or is it possible that the fitter dislodged something in the remaining back box as he bashed the system apart.

I read that cheap exhausts are noisier than OE. So what's the answer? Presumably you would have to go to a Rover dealer to get an OE system - or are genuine exhausts available elsewhere?

Hope someone has been there before and may have some views on it. The noise is not deafening, just irritating.


new exhaust - Cyd
...Is it (as the fitter told me when I mentioned it) just 'cos it's new - and will get better when the carbon builds up?..... Utter piffle.

....Or is it possible that the fitter dislodged something in the remaining back box as he bashed the system apart.... hhmm, possible - if the middle box has gone the rear box might not be far behind.

...I read that cheap exhausts are noisier than OE.... sometimes the case. I can tell you that Rover always have and still do fit very good exhausts.

Interesting that your stainless job only lasted 9 years. Doesn't sound too good to me - what was wrong with it.

Unfortunately as a rule of get what you pay for. If the cars in really good nick and has plenty of life left in it and you intend to keep it then get a stainless fitted again (or other good quality system) and chalk the 40 quid up to experience. Otherwise, IMO, you're down to living with it (chances are it won't last more than 2 years anyway). Sorry.
new exhaust - KB.
Cyd, Pleased not to be the only one doubting the fitters words about carbon build up.

He was going to fit a back box as well but didn't have one and couldn't get one that day hence refitting the original.

He's ordered a back box and will have it in later this week.

The stainless exhaust fitted in '94 only had a 3 year warranty from Kwikfit....called Centaur Supreme or similar.

Indeed - I'll get the new back box fitted and if it's still noisy will live with it till I get really fed up and then do as you say. Any recommendations for a decent stainless exhaust - not a Kwikfit one which obviously doesn't last for ever. It only did 9000 miles - but they were all short trips. It perforated all along the underside of the box. It wasn't blowing when I picked the car up but I think my Italian Tune Up to blow the cobwebs away must have finished it off.

new exhaust - smokie
After dithering I am just about to buy stainless from Jetex (unless someone shouts loud and fast!).

I found them at a RipSpeed branch inside a Halfords, who have brochures and prices. The sales assistant really didn't understand why I didn't want the Omega V6 to sound loud and throaty, he was from the Max Power brigade. I conatcted Jetex directly to confirm what I saw in the brochure and will be ordering shortly.

The Omega cat-back twin pipes and single back box are going to cost me about £360 + fitting, whereas my local Tyres-u-Like wanted nearly £300 for mild steel. Jetex give a lifetime guarantee.
new exhaust - bafta
IMO before you rush out and buy you should read some old threads on this topic which contain some expert advice about the different types of s/s steel and their resistance to corrosion. Also, you should ensure that you will be satisfied with the sound changes which might ensue. This depends on the supplier and such variables as the gauge he uses. A lot of people have found Double S Exhausts in Cullompton, Devon to be a good firm - a superior product at a reasonable price. If you are too far away to visit them in person they will mail the system to your local garage to be fitted. They can be found on the net:
new exhaust - Cyd
check out:

Don't know where in the country you are Smokie, but near me in Leicestershire there's a place that custom makes stainless exhausts for any car - I presume this means one can choose the type of tailpipe or whether it's loud or not etc.

I can understand why you don't want it loud and lairy. I'm the same. I want a good system with straight through boxes but little or no increase in noise.

It's not legal, but consider an anticat pipe. On my Rover this will yield 10hp without any other mods. luckily on the Rover the Lambda sensor is just after the turbo whereas on some cars it's mounted in the cat. Fuel consumption will also be reduced.
new exhaust - smokie
Thanks bafta & Cyd.

I was aware of the old thread and had mailed FiF who has replied tonight. Interesting excerpt from his email for anyone interested:

"301 has about 17% chromium and ~7% Nickel so its corrosion performance is far superior to 409.

"I think it work hardens more rapidly though. This basically means that if the 301 exhaust is not mounted properly it will flex and eventually crack, but if you get if fitted well than it will not be a problem."

From what Jetex tell me their exhaust is a Swedish equivalent to 301.

Double S simply said that they didn't do one for my car when I called - maybe I caught them on a busy day. Most other companies who could supply or manufacture suitable systems were much more expensive, with the exception of Crombsters Edinburgh place which would need the car for a day.

Which seeing as I live in Berkshire could present a problem. Cyd, if you have a name or number for your place I will give them a call as I'm sure I could work Leicestershire into my schedule sooner or later...

new exhaust - Cyd
SWB Exhausts, Station Road, Ibstock (yes, where the bricks come from). 01530 261321. Never used them so can't vouch for them, just have their number in my book for when I'm ready to get a stailess exhaust (few mainstream manufacturers do them for my car 'cos there's so few about). Let me know how you get on with them.

There's also a place does the same somewhere near Stratford upon Avon, but I can't find their details just now, if I do I'll come back to you.
new exhaust - smokie
Spoke to SWB, he guesstimated about £320 for a Powerflow but then suggested I find somewhere more local.

Called the closest Powerflow place, he estimated £550+ incl fitting. Very nice bloke (Roy, 01793 433334). He suggested the Jetex SS system I had been considering (c £400 plus fitting)is a performance system with a straight through exhaust which might be a tad noisier than I was after.

He happily explained to me about mechanical front boxes (I think!) which they use in SS to keep the noise down. And also about a range of other considerations.

He can do me a mild steel (aluminised?) system with 2 yr warranty for £260 which is £30+ cheaper than my local (1 yr warranty) depot. He wasn't at all pushy to sell me the SS system.

Nice helpful bloke, I think he will be shortly be seeing my credit card. (Car is 3.0 V6 Omega hence high prices...)
new exhaust - KB.
Interesting deviation here re. stainless, however back to the original point........I've just been back to the supplier of middle box and he tried a new 'cheapie' back box. It was just as noisy as the original one. So it's the new 'cheapie' middle box fitted the other day that's causing the throaty sporty noise. I'll have to live with it until I get fed up with it OR until it rusts through (shouldn't take too long).

Found a local supplier of BOSAL exhausts. They seem to have a good reputation. Supply only cost of new middle and back boxes - £34.69 + VAT plus the fitting cost ( or aggravation of doing it myself.

Moral of story - expect cheapies to suffer possible excess noise and perhaps not to last too long, although the last one from the same place is still fine 4 years later.
new exhaust - smokie
Sorry for hijacking the thread was a little relevant...
new exhaust - KB.
Not a problem, smokie, I didn't realise that stainless exhausts differed so much in quality and specification - so have learnt something I didn't know. The question of S/S being noisier than mild steel was unknown to me - and would probably stop me getting one unless I could be assured of relative silence.

new exhaust - bafta
Apologies from me as well KB, for the digression. Glad you found it interesting. I think that you will see a significant improvement with your Bosal. The aftermarket exhausts do seem to vary considerably.
Smokie, in case your still interested in pursuing the s/s option I have a couple more names for your consideration. In London - and, in Devon (Cullompton again!) -Guaranteed Exhaust Systems Ltd 01884 821237. I think that they may be a 'breakaway' group from Double SS. The stress factor for some types of s/s is relevant because I have noted that some suppliers guarantee your kit for 25yrs, life of the car, etc. but only if you have your mountings checked each year!
new exhaust - smokie
Thanks bafta. I'd already tried Guaranteed Exhaust, and one in London (don't think it was Raceway). The "good" ones seem to be coming out between £500 and £600+, which Roy today persuaded me is really more than I need be paying. His exhaust (£260 fitted) has 2 year warranty which hopefully means it's built to last 3, and realistically I'm unlikely keep the car that long anyway, even though I love it to bits...

So, I'm now looking at wasting the new found spare money on a speed camera and radar/laser detection device - but that's food for a different this space...
new exhaust - KB.
Re. the new noisy middle box on my Maestro exhaust, I've just had my, much valued, tame mechanic fit the new 'Bosal' system purchased from my nearest Bosal distributor. It's a complete system ( front down pipe, middle and back boxes).

The difference in noise was immediate and remarkable - it's now back to normal and doesn't sound like a boy racers steed.

The trade cost of all three bits inc. clamps and manifold gasket was £52 inc. VAT and I paid £40 for the mechanics 3 hours labour (this included fitting two new rear shockers as they were rattling in a most annoying fashion and having had the same rattle on a previous one, I knew how to fix it).

So why did the previous 'Tuberex' middle box sound so different from the Bosal?

I've written off the £40 for the Tuberex as suggested by Cyd earlier and have learnt yet another lesson - Don't buy a Tuberex middle box on a Maestro if you want a quiet life. Maybe it was defective? But how am I ever going to find out? The supplier of it certainly wasn't going to change it for another, having gone to the trouble of fitting (and then removing) the new back box (see above). But for now I'm happy - but as a seasoned Maestro man - know the next hiccup may well be just around the corner.
new exhaust - bafta
KB. Saw your posting and noted your success with the Bosal exhaust system. Thought that you might notice a difference. Some aftermarket units really are poor. I suppose they have to be so that the quick fit operators can make their money. Glad that you got sorted. Vive la ancienne Maestro!
new exhaust - KB.
Your points noted with thanks, B. Even though most of my journeys in the Maestro are short, having seen the minefield of all the different stainless systems as described in the earlier postings, thought I'd stick with Bosal. At that price it seems like the sensible option and the thought of paying so much more fo S/S and still having a noisy system is a bit off-putting.

Just out of interest, is there such a thing as a 'normal' S/S system that wouldn't be noisier - just long lasting? Would only want the longevity and not extra performance spoken of earlier. And especially don't fancy a system that's prone to cracking, given the specialist nature of S/S welding.

new exhaust - mal
Tyre/exhaust outfit in the northeast called Tyrespot will make a stainless system for any to the customers requirements ie. quiet or sporty.
Can't say what type of s/steel they use or how good they are but remember the price they quoted me a few years back was not much more than a decent steel system.
Have always used them for tyres and found them to be the most competetive for quality makes.
new exhaust - DeeJay
bafta is quite correct when he states "some aftermarket systems are really that the quickfit operators can make their money " . Remember , cheap equals thin and tinny . It isn't quite "piffle " to claim that the exhaust will become quieter as it carbons up , it will ,but only comparitively so . It will still be a thin and tinny , and hence noisy , thing . These cheap systems are ideal though if you just want to do the vehicle up for an MOT prior to getting rid of it . DeeJay .


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