fiesta auto choke problem??? - bert929cc
we have a 91 1.4 ghia fiesta in this starts fine from cold and runs well,also when the beast is warmed up it runs fine,BUT just when i think the auto choke's coming off it'll conk out eg. at juntion then starts again ok but you may have to keep the revs up.this is especially so in what do ya reccon can you replace the auto choke assembly (cost?) no probs with thermostat or running temps, over to you bods
fiesta auto choke problem??? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I dont think you need to replace the autochoke (Assuming it HAS a carb!)It sounds like it just needs a good tune-up qith particular attention to the carb and breather sytem. I have NEVER replaced an auto choke on one of these, just the occasional choke pull off unit.

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fiesta auto choke problem??? - bert929cc
thanks folks happiness is blowing off a t70 with ease on my fireblade
fiesta auto choke problem??? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Agreed but in my 'umble opinion a Lola T70 looks better and SOOUUNNDDS better!!!;-)
Happiness is a T70 at full chat!
fiesta auto choke problem??? - Drivethru
I had exactly the same problem with a 94 Fiesta 1.1. I can't remember the exact details but the mechanic said it was a sensor which needed replacing, I don't know if the 91 Fiesta is the same. Anyway I did'nt get the job done I just used to warm the car up for a couple of minutes in cold weather and it was fine.
fiesta auto choke problem??? - kev the rev
have you considered the 'anti-dieseling valve' if it has one fitted?

on my fiesta van '91 petrol with manual choke I had the same symtoms, ie. would not idle even when warm.

replaced the anti-dieseling vlv at £32! but resolved the problem.

the vlv controls the flow of fuel in idle mode only.
fiesta auto choke problem??? - jc
I also had an anti-dieseling valve fail-if you put your fingers on it and turn the ignition on and off you should feel the movement inside-a soft click.Also check your idle speed and Co are OK-both should be set mid to top limit.


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