kangoo mph/1000rpm - crofty
Has anyone got any ideas about mph per 1000/rpm for a renault
kangoo.I have just bought the vehicle and I would like to run
it in as per honestjohns advice page.It is a 1.9 normally
aspirated diesel.I have tried contacting renault through websites
and their help line(hopeless call centre)i have put a technical
request in at the supplying dealer but I feel it will have
5000 miles on the clock by the time they get back to me.The
handbook says it does 90mph at 4500 rpm ie top speed,do you think
I could assume that it does 20mph/per 1000rpm in top.Any help
would be appreciated.
kangoo mph/1000rpm - AndyT
According to the March 2000 copy of Diesel Car, 18.4 mph/1000 rpm.
kangoo mph/1000rpm - AndyT
Sorry, should be 18.6. Too early for this sort of techy stuff!
kangoo mph/1000rpm - crofty
Thanks for the info Andy,I assume we are talking about 5th gear
don,t suppose the article had 3rd and 4th gears by any chance
kangoo mph/1000rpm - AndyT
Yeah, the only figure was for top gear.

The test was actually a group of the Kangoo, Berlingo, and VW Combi. The Berlingo having a 22.2 figure, the VW not listed.

The mag obtained 38 mpg for the Kangoo, which adding on the usual 20% for normal? driving, means 45mpg should be reachable.

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