Impreza fuel consumption! - Idlehound
Am I going to regret buying an Impeza turbo? I only do (at the moment) 8000 miles per year, but I have really enjoyed driving one!! Buy one or buy something sensible like a Mondao? Any comments!
Impreza fuel consumption! - greaser pv
Try a Zafira GSi then ,I get at the best 20 mpg, and forget the Mondao (sic) unless it's the racey st24. If you want performance you can't complain too much about economy, can you ?
Impreza fuel consumption! - Cyd
That you even had to ask in the first place suggests you should be buying something \"sensible\".

More power needs more fuel leads to higher fuel comsumption (other things being equal).

If you get the Impreza, then enjoy! Don\'t buy it as a talisman.

Hey Cyd, be nice. Mark.
Impreza fuel consumption! - T Lucas
Comparing chalk with cheese.
Impreza fuel consumption! - Andrew-T
Hey Mark, I know you have a job to do, but I don't see anything objectionable here!
Impreza fuel consumption! - Mark (RLBS)
Andrew - I removed a line which was a comment on whether or not someone had passed GCSEs. And I thought my request was very polite.
Impreza fuel consumption! - jud
Only buy the Impreza if you are prepared to pay big style, that is insurance, petrol (15-25mpg), servicing, tyres. Chap at work has one he likes it but even service at an independent is expensive.
Impreza fuel consumption! - Big Vern
Would you consider one of the new generation VAG Turbo D's ? Buckets of tourque where you want it, with much more MPG. Not quite as sporty but may be a comprimise between the heart and the head (or wallet) :o)
Impreza fuel consumption! - bazza
But consider the potential depreciation of the two cars, which will far outweigh your fuel bills on that sort of mileage. You may find that a carefully bought Impreza might cost you less overall, it's very much more desirable used than a Mondeo.Just a thought....

Impreza fuel consumption! - Ian D
I agree with bazza, go for the Impreza, doing only 8000 miles a year your fuel bills will not be too great and they hold their value well. What age were you going to buy? The 'classic' shape ones built up to 2000 will hold their value well, especially with low mileage and the essential FSSH, the bug-eye ones (being replaced as of next month) are less popular and may suffer more depreciation (although a lot less than a Mondeo) and the new ones (March 2003 on) will almost certainly be sought after, even though good discounts can be had importing new ones.

Servicing costs are a factor, my 1998 Turbo has service intervals of 6 months/7500 miles whichever is the sooner, but as mine has done 114000 miles and I do 12000 miles a year I get a dealer service every 7500 miles (about 8 months) but do an interim oil abd filter change every 3750 miles.

In terms of fuel consumption, if you drive hard you may get below 20 mpg, but during normal/brisk motoring you should be around the 25 mpg mark, which is pretty good considering the performance/fun factor. I lent mine to my careful girlfriend for a weekend and the car returned 29 mpg.

Good luck
Impreza fuel consumption! - Idlehound
25 mpg is pretty good( about what I get from my Golf GTi). All the comments received have helped me to clarify my thoughts. I am going to buy a classic shaped Impreza and enjoy driving it. Thanks Ian and everyone else.
Impreza fuel consumption! - Ian D
The only negative factor with Imprezas I forgot to mention is their tendency to get stolen. I am lucky in living in a rural area with a treble locked garage, but in some cities theft of Imprezas and Mitsubishi Evos is a big problem.

Lots of useful info and a good forum at and the Subaru Impreza Drivers club


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