Aston superwrenches - any good? - Shigg
Can't help but wonder if these things are as good as they tell us they are. I know that every universal tool has it's drawbacks (screwdrivers, etc) but I'm told the gater grip socket's OK for some things, how about the wrench? Best Direct have these on offer at £14.99 for 2 sets.

Aston superwrenches - any good? - J Bonington Jagworth
The problem with all universal fitting spanners/sockets/whatever is not the level of grip, which is often very good, but the space occupied by the tool. A good quality (i.e. slim) set of spanners is simply more usable day to day, especially as the underbonnet area of cars becomes ever more crowded. I don't know any mechanics who use these things regularly.
Aston superwrenches - any good? - lauriew
When I was a young apprentice(100`s of years ago), my mechanic used to cuff me round the ear if I selected an adjustable spanner and then he would throw it in the scap bin.
Aston superwrenches - any good? - volvoman
Agreed JBJ - they do require more room and are cumbersome. There's no doubt a proper, full set of tools would be better but for an amateur who tinkers a bit and can't tell the size of a nut by looking at it, I think things like the gator grip are qute handy. They're also great for dealing with odd shapes, broken/rounded nuts etc. and one tool does a lot of jobs so you don't have to carry too many around with you.
Aston superwrenches - any good? - Shigg
Yes see your point about the size of the tool, that's why I mentioned about universal screwdrivers, etc. Having come across knackered nuts that other bodgers have rounded I've sometimes had to revert mole grips or stilsons but wondered if these are a better bet, look good for plumbing work I thought.

Aston superwrenches - any good? - Dynamic Dave
I bought something similar from QVC a few years ago. An American tool called a "Pop Wrench" In the usual manner of these shopping channels it was hyped up to be a really spectacular universal spanner - one size fits all, etc. In reality, yes it will undo and tighten up nuts/bolts of varying sizes from 7 to 24mm, but the downside of it is that the serated patterns on the jaws of the spanner dig into the surface that it grips and marks it. it operates using the same principle as a pair of stilsons, the harder you pull on it, the harder it grips whatever you're trying to undo/tighten. Yes, it does the job, and if stranded at the roadside you would be very grateful for its help, but it ruins the cosmetic finish of anything it touches.

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