Vent. Astra -92 - rolandf
Thanks for the answer to my last question.
I had a Kadett before and the ventilation was good,
but my Astra make front doorwindows foggy or icy very
easy. I must have the fan at max.
Is this typical for Astra.

Vent. Astra -92 - AndyT
I think that your Astra is fitted with a pollen filter, which you could replace, or even remove if you or other passengers do not suffer from hay fever.(Although at this time of year, it probably doesn't matter.)

Funnily enough, I notice that the volume of air from the heating system of my new Clio isn't a patch on my wife's 10 year old version. I reckon this is probably due to the fact that mine has a pollen filter fitted.
Vent. Astra -92 - Dynamic Dave
If you've had a problem with your windows, the interior could be damp, which is why you're misting up very easy. It has been suggested by someone else to put a bag of kitty litter under the drivers or passenger seat to absorb up some of the damp air or moisture.
Vent. Astra -92 - kithmo
make sure the drains on the front scuttle (the recess where the air goes in in front of the windscreen) are clear and rain water is not pooling in there.


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