Mercedes saga - geoffken

I own a 1998 C240 purchased under Signature warranty 15 months ago.
Car is kept charged with CSM airflow as advised by HJ for daily journey of 20 miles each way.
On charge as usual overnight Sunday but would not start Monday 5.30 am.
Plenty power to turn car over and lights.
Recovery by motor organisation to Mercedes dealer with initial diagnosis of either fuel problem (car half filled 7 miles ago) or immobiliser.
Rang 5 hours later to be told we are too busy today to look at it but will do so tomorrow. (Just as well I was not waiting to go somewhere)
Dealer rang my wife Tuesday 10.00 am to advise battery useless as would not hold charge as well as faulty fuel relay.
Dealer advised replacement of battery but would provide free fuel relay (Funny ???)
Agreed despite misgivings on diagnosis and asked for old battery.
Advised car would be ready 4.00pm.
Unable to pick up so agreed would pick up 8.30 am Wednesday.
Called Wed am to pick up car
Paid £172.40 for battery and diagnosis charges etc..
On getting in car and driving was unable to wind up electric windows. (Not programmed after battery off)
Fixed on return to dealership.
On return home checked battery and was not convinced it had been replaced.
1 hour later call from dealership to say they would be coming out to put new battery on as job had not been done!!!
When asked how car started on old useless battery a long silence and explanation that' AH well the battery was fully charged but would not hold its charge and Mercedes special test equipment advised replacement.'
Have I been truly stuffed.
Old battery shows exactly same lights as old one ie.charged over 12 volts
Mercedes saga - Peter D
Battery now 5 years old and may well be low in capacity just drive to your local independant third party automotive spares stockist and ask them to test it. The battery testers used these days talk short high current pulses from the battery and the changing voltage and current indicate the amp hour capacity of the battery. However it does not sound like the fault was the battery but it was the Fuel pump relay. Regards Peter
Mercedes saga - Simon Templar

Peter D is spot on. Dont have the new battery until existing one has been correctly checked by authoritive source.You will pay through the nose for new battery from MB franchised dealer.
Find another MB dealer that is more efficient & helpful if fault continues.
Simon T.

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