Att The Growler - Ian (Cape Town)
[snip] you\'re just *trying* to wind me up, aren\'t you. Its not like the guy even escaped in a car, or owned a car, or was sat in a car, or anything relevant to motoring at all.

So - sorry, but its gone.

Att The Growler - THe Growler
No comprendo compadre.
Att The Growler - Ian (Cape Town)
sorry G.
A rather amusing story regarding some filipino people.
However, as it contains absolutely no motoring references at all, it has now gone...
The gist was about drinking excessive quantities, laughing about one's manhood, and a shooting.

"Police were already hunting down Orbeta, who fled after the incident." - he might have fled by car?
But how's this for a bizarre (motoring) story...
Beaufort West policemen believe they have found the dumbest criminal, who left his ID book behind in a hijacked vehicle.

According to the Cape Times, two men hijacked a goods truck, carrying mayonnaise, on its way from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

They tied up the driver and threw him into the back of the truck and continued to Beaufort West. But when they saw traffic officials on the road they panicked and abandoned the truck.

One of the men, in his haste, left behind his identity book, driver?s licence and firearm licence. ?All we have to do is pick him up,? said a police spokesman.

I am so pleased to learn that our hijackers actually have licensed firearms.

Att The Growler - THe Growler
Don't worry. The Filipino has a generosity of character and a bottomless capacity to laugh at the incongruities in his culture. He wouldn't be offended. Don't pick onm him personally, though......


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